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Lost Ark Skill Runes - How to Farm Wealth Rune Fastest

By Jessie2022-03-24

Lost Ark has many vital systems. Skill Runes system is one of them, which players can use to customize characters. Except for Awakening, all skills can be augmented with Skill Runes in the game. Skills runes include many different Runes. Among them, Wealth Runes are very vital. In this guide, MmoGah, a professional gold seller who offers cheap Lost Ark gold, will introduce important information about Wealth Runes. Let's drive in.


What Are Wealth Runes?

Wealth Runes are a special kind of runes, divided into four types: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Different types increase Identity Gauge on skill hit at different degrees:

Uncommon: Increases Identity Gauge by 10 % on skill hit.

Rare: Increases Identity Gauge by 20% on skill hit.

Epic: Increases Identity Gauge by 30% on skill hit.

Legendary: Increases Identity Gauge by 40 % on skill hit.

Because they are rare drops in the game, you'd better assign them to skills that generate many identities.


What are Wealth Runes in Lost Ark


How to Equip Skill Runes

The same type of Rune can be slotted into eight different skills, so you can collect extra copies of that Rune. Once you collect a Rune, it will appear in the window on the right side of your Combat skill tab. You can apply it to your skills in the following steps:

1. Choose the skill you want to enhance with the Rune.

2. Choose the Skill Rune you wish to socket from the right side of the screen.

3. Then click "equip."

4. Click the save button, which is yellow.

The same goes for removing or replacing a Rune.


How to Equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark


How to Get Wealth Runes

The two easiest types to get are uncommon and rare wealth runes. The other two are a little more challenging to obtain. So you should focus on uncommon and rare wealth Runes and then move on to the Epic and Legendary.


Uncommon Wealth: you can use 1420 Adventure's Seal to buy it from Stronghold Merchant Tuleu or obtain it from the Tooki King Loot at the Tooki Island.

Notice: Adventure's Seal can be obtained by adventure dispatch missions.


Rare Wealth: you can buy it from Stronghold Merchant Tuleu, which will cost you 2700 Adventure's Seal. You can also obtain it for Giant's Heart*5. There is a list of Giant's Heart’s Sources as to where to collect more Giant's Hearts.



Tortoyk Five Scattered Brothers

15th Heart Started By einvigorated Giant's Heart


Una's Tasks

Tooki Island  30x Una's Task: Taking on Tooki

Azure Wind Island 15x Una's Task: Ruffians in the Ground

Shadowmoon Market Spirit with a Heart (Gated By Una's Task)




Beatrice Friendly Stage

Sasha Trusted Stage

Calvasus Trusted Stage

Ninaveh Trusted Stage




Lake Eternity Field Boss Tarsila RNG Drop

Shadespire 35th Floor [ilvl 480]

Fatespire 35th Floor [ilvl 980]



Blackfang's Den Exchange Gienah's Coin x3,300

Atlas Exchange Pirate Coin x33,000

Freedom Island Exchange Gienah's Coin x4,000


Epic Wealth Runes: you can get an Epic Wealth Rune for x34 Secret Map. You can also obtain it from Iar Kaya World boss’s drop at Lagoon Island.


Legendary Wealth Runes: you can get one for x5 Omnium Stars. Although its 40% Identity for skill seems better than 20% or 30%, the difference is slight. And due to its demand for Ominum stars and long grinding time, it's not worth the effort.

Punika Whispering Star

Punika  Una's Task: Pond of Purification x21

Punika Nia Trusted Stage

Punika Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel Sun Coin x8,016

Punika Moake (Item Level 1415)

Anguished Isle Garden of Despair Boss Stella


Hope this guide will help you. You can also visit our Lost Ark news page to see more guides regarding Lost Ark Pirate Coins, Lost Ark Skills, etc.



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