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Lost Ark Pirate Coins: How to Farm Them Quickly

By Jessie2022-03-18

Currencies in Lost Ark are very valuable types of Items that can be used to purchase, upgrade gear, etc. There are many kinds of currencies in the game. Except for the most commonly used ones, Lost Ark gold and silver, Pirate coins is also an important currency. Let's learn what it is and how to get it.


Uses of Pirate Coins


While you are sailing the seas of Arkesia, Pirate coins is the most useful currency like gold or silver. Because you can use them to upgrade your armada of ships and crew. You can also use them to trade with Merchant ships on the open sea to buy rare valuable things. Like Song of Resonance, you need it to unlock important special locations and objectives. But it can be only purchased by Pirate coins, the amount of which is 16,500. So you need to farm Pirate coins as many as possible, but it is not as easy as obtaining the other currencies like gold Lost Ark or silver. You have to look for them in the correct ways.


What is Pirate Coin?


Ways of Farming Pirate Coins


Island Quests

Island Quests is the main way to obtain Pirate coins, which are special quests that you need to complete on different islands. And each island quest will reward a different amount of pirate coins. Below are the details.


1). Freedom Isle

It's a good island to obtain Pirate Coins. There are four quests: Terrified Fugitive, Select Ingredients, Healthy Food, and Their World. The amounts of pirate they can reward are: 5000, 5000, 2500, 2500. After you complete all of them, you will get 15,000 pirate coins.


2). Blackfang's Den

You can obtain 10,000 pirate coins by completing these two quests: Blackfang's House and Blades and Skulls. In addition, this island requires you to go to Anikka, Atlas, Peyto, and Vern and unlock rapport with Captain Blacktooth.


3). Lullaby Island

Lullaby Island is also a good place for you to earn pirate coins. You can obtain 16,500 pirate coins as a reward from this island. It is located in the east of East Lutra, right next to the pirate base. You can get there from Fern, Lutra or Annika.


4). Atropos

You can obtain 10,000 Pirate coins here. But it will take you some time to complete quests. It has two side quest chains. Chain 1 has four quests, and chain 2 has five quests, and you need to go over Shushire, Vern, Anikka, Tortoyk, Arthetine, and Luterra to complete all of them. And this island requires 460 ilevel.


5). Cradle of the Sea Fermata

These three quests: The Best Welcome Ever, The Search for a Peaceful Sea, and Regrets, will reward you with 9,000 pirate coins.


6). Kalthertz

You can obtain about 8,600 pirate coins by completing quests here. But two quests require you to go to White Wave Island and Shushire.


7). Golden Wave Island 

You can obtain 7000 pirate coins as a reward by completing Hey, Wake Up.


8). Runaways Island, Peyto and Glacier Isle, and Giant Mushroom Island

On these islands, you will get 5000, 2000, 2000 Pirate coins respectively.


Lost Ark Island


Marine Events

Marine Events, like defeating a ghost ship, is another way to obtain pirate coins. You can find them by clicking the "Voyage Tab" of the setting menu to see all the upcoming events, and then choose the ones that will reward you pirate coins. But these events are time-limited events, so you must get the information in time. You can turn on their notifications by the megaphone icon next to the Marine Events. Once you are informed, please be there on time.


How to Check Marine Events in Lost Ark


Una's Takes

If you have completed all of the island's quests and the Marine event hasn't arrived, then you can do Una's Tasks. Eight tasks will reward you coins. You can find them by clicking the Adventure button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then pick whichever task you want to do. After you complete it, you will receive your pirate coins reward.

● A Hard Day at Work

● Pest Control

● Crook Catcher

● Ride Like the Wind

● Defensive Warfare

● For the Fermata's Safety.

● Bleak Night Fog

● She Drifts, Sea Gifts

Different tiers will reward different amounts of Pirate coins, for example, Pest Control: T1: 6000, T2: 8000, T3: 16,000. So please do your best to do the higher Tier.


Currency Exchange

You will obtain lots of other types of coins through these quests. You can use them to exchange Pirate coins with exchange merchants, which can be found at each region's port, aboard Tea and Libra Guild vessels. Below are the exchange rates.

● Gienah's Coin: 1: 10 Pirate Coins

● Sceptrum's Coin: 1:12 Pirate Coins

● Arcturus's Coin: 1:15 Pirate Coins

● Ancient Coin: 1:17 Pirate Coins

● Sun Coin: 1:20 Pirate Coins


Lost Ark Pirate Coins Exchange Rates


You can also obtain coins by fishing, but very low chance. Above is all the information that we know about farming pirate coins. If you need more guides, like how to farm silver, you can visit our Lost Ark news page.



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