• Lost Ark: How to Complete Abyssal Dungeons
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    The latest popular game, Lost Ark, has various dungeons. Abyssal Dungeons is one of them, which are level-specific. Players can get a lot of Lost Ark Gold by completing it. But many players don't know how to do that. So in this guide, MmoGah will share some ways about it. Let's drive in.

    About Accessing Abyss Dungeons

    Abyss Dungeons are endgame content for Lost Ark. Players have to reach level 50 to access them. And The Abyss Dungeon is group content, so it has to be run by four players.

    Lost Ark- How to Complete Abyssal Dungeons

    The Ways of Completing Abyss Dungeons

    Ancient Elveria(ILevel 340):

    Demon Beast Canyon

    No1 boss: all players need to avoid everything on the ground, and the person the boss calls should go to the pool by the battleground.

    No2 boss: when your screen gets black, all players need to go to the right cross of the battleground—standing by the ball to entice the boss to attack the ball. All players can start attacking the boss when the boss is blasted four times by the ball's AoE.

    Necromancer's Origin

    No1 boss: players need to avoid everything on the ground. The boss will release a full-screen AoE to give each player a red debuff. When the debuff reaches 3 or 4 tiers, players need to eat a yellow ball to eliminate the debuff.

    No 2 boss: the boss will release a skill that can destroy the group. Players need to use the highest skill of their stagger to destroy the boss's yellow stagger. And then, the boss will summon four-ball groups from 4 different directions. Each group has two balls: red and white. When the boss releases his skill, you guys need to notice the color of the floor. If the color is red, you guys need to eat the red ball. If the color is white, you guys need to eat the white balls. Everyone in the team has to eat correctly and does that three times. Then the battle is over.

    Ancient Elveria(ILevel 340)

    Phantom Palace(Ilevel 460)

    Hall of the Twisted Warlord

    No1 boss: There are two bosses:Legion Rook and Legion Bishop. Bear in mind that you have to kill them together, or the other will get fury. After players enter it, Legion Rook will stand up in the middle to cast skill. And she will choose three party members to release a circle AoE at this point. All team members should spread out.

    Legion Bishop will choose a player and throw a ball at him. The chosen person should stand behind Legion Rook to let the ball fall on her. During the battle, Legion Rook cast that skill again. But then there will be a bunch of chess pieces around her. Players need to clean it out to let the stone hit her.

    No 2 boss: the boss will cast kill skill and summon four swords, which goes after everyone on the team. Players need to handle these four swords and attack the boss until its stagger is empty. The way to handle Swords is: The sword disappears when any player touches it, but a purple debuff will occur. If the other players touch the sword again during debuff, that will make the party die. So all players should stand in four different directions and run around the boss clockwise to avoid touching swords.

    Hilderbrandt Palace

    There is only one boss, three stages:

    Stage 1:

    Mirror: the boss will use two field waves, one horizontal and one vertical. Players need to teleport through the mirror to the other side of the wave to avoid them. Mirrors of the same color will be teleported to mirrors of the same color. Do not enter the purple one who will teleport you directly to the boss's face. 

    AoE: the boss will use a full-screen AoE with a 45-degree gap. At the same time, there will be two balls rotating in clockwise or counterclockwise order. All players need to stand at AoE's gap. If the balls rotate clockwise, then you move clockwise to avoid. The same is true of counterclockwise.

    Stage 2: the boss will name a player. A red circle will appear under that player's feet to summon meteorites. Then this player needs to walk to the boss to let the meteorites hit it.

    Stage 3: the boss will stagger two times when its HP 34 and 26. All players need to retain skills to avoid AoE.

    When the boss's HP is 16, it will appoint a player, and an x will appear on that player. At the same time, the boss will name the rest three players, and there will be light beam in front of them. These three players need to point the light beam at the player with an X. Then, the boss will summon an oversize AoE within its radius. Do not move at this point.

    When the boss's HP is 8, it will appoint a player, and an x will appear on that player. At this time, the light beam will appear in front of two players. In the meanwhile, there will be a circle on the floor. The player with X needs to stand in the circle, and then the two players with the light beam need to point the light beam at the player with X.

    Phantom Palace(Ilevel 460)

    Keep in mind that if any player is trapped by bubbles, the other teammates must attack the bubbles to save him.

    The above are the ways to complete the Abyssal Dungeons. Hope this can help you. If you want to know more guides about this game, you can bookmark this page: Lost Ark News. We will share the latest and the hottest ones, don't miss them!

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