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Lost Ark Abyss Raid Guide: How to Complete Argos Phase 3 Quickly

By Jessie2022-04-14

Argos is a very powerful Guardian in Lost Ark. Players have to finish three phases to defeat it. In this guide, MmoGah will share some of the most vital information to help players defeat it fast in phase 3.


Basic Information of Argos Phase 3


Argos Phase 3 is a T3 Abyss Raid. To enter this raid, your ATK is at least 17000, and the Item level is 1400. You can obtain many valuable items from here, like Ability Stones, Engraving Books, and so on (collectable once a week). And you can also get some loot (like HP potion, Sacred Charm, etc.) by using Lost Ark gold after finishing it. In this part, teamwork is the key, so everyone in the raid group must know about the boss and coop mechanics.


The Weather Mechanics in Argos Phase 3


In phase 3, the weather mechanics is the difficult part. The boss will change three kinds of weather: Daytime, Dawn, and Night. There is no specific order in weather rotation. It might go from Day to Dawn immediately. But usually, it will start with Daytime. The effects of seeds spawning on the battle area are also different depending on the weather, from buff to debuff or from debuff to buff.


Daytime (Clear)
You can see the sunlight on the battleground. In this weather, the boss applies at intervals a slow debuff to everyone. And the seeds on the battleground will be green and red. When the green seeds are triggered, they will clean the slow debuff from nearby players, while red seeds will damage nearby players.


Daytime: You Can See Sunlight On The Battleground

Night (Foggy)

The edge of the battleground is black. In this weather, the players' vision will be reduced. The useful and harmful seeds are red seeds and blue seeds respectively. Red seeds will remove the visions debuff for a few seconds. But if any player triggers a blue seed, it will disappear and leave behind a big AoE circle, which will give everyone who steps into it a poison stack debuff. And the debuff can stack up to five times. It will also reduce the area your team fights with Argos. So all players must try their best to avoid these harmful seeds. If you have too much poison debuff, you can use cleanse skills or Combat items to remove it.


Night: The Edge of The Battleground is Black

Dawn (Rainy)

In this weather, the rain will damage each player on the team. Blue seeds get useful. After one player triggers it, it will explode and give every player nearby a shield to prevent them from taking the global dot damage. Instead, the green seed will harm players. Once triggered, it will imprison nearby players, and they need several seconds or attacking by a teammate to release. It's a bad thing to happen during a boss fight.


Dawn: It's Raining on The Battleground

The Wipe Mechanics in Argos Phase 3


Daytime Wipe Mechanics

There are two stages.

First: when Argos immediately sits down on the spot and looks up into the sky, it will start this mechanic: two players will be marked with the sun icon above their heads. 2 seconds after that mark appears, there will be a circle under these two players' feet, which is stationary and does not follow the player. The player who steps into the circle will be immune to the boss's global wipe skill. But only four players can stand in the circle. So two players in the circle need to react fast enough and let their teammate else know that there will be a circle below them soon. And they should try to stay close to each other but not on top of each other, because the circles will cancel each other out if they overlap. You need to have the combat effects of the raid activated in the setting. Otherwise, you might not be able to see the circles placed down by members of the other group in the raid.


How to Set The Combat Effects of The Raid in Lost Ark


Second: Argos will teleport to the center and gather sun energy. Once it teleports to the center, you can use Tab to check the mini-map, and then you will see a yellow dot marked by the sun on the mini-map. All Surviving players need to get there and stay at the spot where the sun seats hit the ground for two seconds. Then they will obtain a sun buff, which can make them immune to the boss's global wipe skill. The entire raid will be wiped if any team members don't get to this position in time.


Night Wipe Mechanics

There are two stages too.

First: it's the same with the Daytime mechanics. Only the two named players have moon icon on their heads.


Second: Argos will teleport again to the center and channel the dark energy. You guys can use Tab to open the mini-map and check out the purple-marked seats. All players have to spread out once this mechanic starts. And step on all the purple seats before Argos casts the wipe skill. Or the raid will fail.


Dawn Wipe Mechanics
It's similar to the Day and night time wipe mechanic. The boss will teleport to the center and channel some energy. At the same time, he will spawn randomly around the map with multiple blue seats. To prevent getting one-shotted by the skill afterward, you have to step on one of those blue seats, which will enable a shield that can protect you from the wipe skill. What is important to know is that one seat can protect multiple players with the shield.


One more thing is that you need to pay attention to the body of Argos. If he glows golden, get away from it. And if he doesn't, stay close to it to avoid getting hit by the AoE after his recovery.


Argos Glows Golden


Above is all the content of this guide. Hope it can help you clean Argos p3 without a lot of deaths or using too much gold Lost Ark. If you want to know more about the relevant Lost Ark guides, you can bookmark our Lost Ark news page. We will constantly update the latest news. Don't miss it. 



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