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Lost Ark Guide: Which Class Is The Best Solo Class

By Richard Kayode2023-06-12

What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a fantastic addition to the world of games that has gained the attention of gamers like you. It is a 3D multiplayer, adventurous game offering amazing experiences to elevate your experience. According to Lost Ark game review by Harry Alston, a reviewer of games, Lost Ark gameplay is an MMOARGP game that is a full meal plate for gamers, where they will enjoy the thrill, fight, PvP arenas, PvE, mounts, dancing girls, sailing, amazing graphics, and much more. The game has various classes with male and female versions, each with a unique experience. 


Lost Ark Guide Build

Before jumping to the main topic of the article "Lost Ark Guide," we can see an overview of the main features the game possesses.

●You will get points on completing levels, and you have to use points to go up a level.

●At each level of Lost Ark gameplay, you will get extra skills. You can use your points too to buy skills, but it would be better not to waste your points on non-essential and weak skills.

●The game is a quick and fast-speed game, so it requires full focus and attention from players for quick responses, especially during battles. You will need a dash to act in case of battles, and you have to use it correctly. You cannot use it continuously, so use it wisely. Otherwise, you will be in trouble during your battle.

●If you want to save time and want to level up quickly, stick to your main quest to reach level 50. After the Lvl50 endgame start where you will find the arena and PvP.

●Lost Ark has triports to travel to different regions. You can use them by using silver coins. You can find triports in Worldmap by pressing "m" and selecting the triport region you want to go to.

●The game also has pets to help you during battle. This is a very useful feature of the game during fights, especially when you are solo-fighting the battle. The pets will act as your army in your fight. In addition, you will also get additional pet effect bonuses in the form of HP increase and critical attack. 


Lost Ark Guide for Beginners

The world of Lost Ark (Arkesia) is vast, where you will meet fights, enemies, different places, etc. The first thing that comes when you step into the world of Arkesia is building your character. There are vast options of characters in the game, and the classes of Lost Ark are gender-based too, so you have to choose them accordingly. There are five main classes and three advanced classes. Once you choose a main class, you cannot change it. While choosing advanced classes, if you are feeling any difficulty, you can try them all separately in the initial tutorial and then choose them.

Classes in Lost Ark

The game was launched in Korea in 2018 and is available now in different areas of the world. As it is limited to a few countries, available versions have different classes in different countries. Different classes of lost Ark are:


Lost Ark: Which Class Is The Best Solo Class?


▷Berserker class
▷Paladin class
▷Gunlancer class

Martial Artist
▷Scrapper class
▷Wardancer class
▷Striker class
▷Soulfish Class

▷Deadeye class
▷Gunslinger class
▷Sharpshooter class
▷Artillerist class

▷Bard class
▷Sorceress class

▷Deathblade Class
▷Shadowhunter class

This article is not about the explanation of different classes. If you want to dive deep into class details, you can find them here.


Lost Ark Leveling Guide

Lost Ark is an interesting, complex game with many classes and levels. Leveling is the key point in the game to improve your progress, skills, and control. We will start the guide from beginners guide.


Once you start the game, you will have to select the Class from the above-mentioned classes. Keep in mind one thing you cannot change your Class later. Hence can change the build. All classes are very interesting and well-balanced, but the choice of the Class depends on someone's personal choice.


Level 1 to 50

The first 50 levels of the game are introductions to the game, where you will get an introduction to places, characters, and experiences. These levels will take a few hours but will help you in the next tough levels of the game.


Level 1 to 35

So firstly we will cover from level 1 to 35. This is the start of the game, where you have to follow the story quest. Once you launch the game on your PC, you will see a map and an orange indicator, which will show the storyline, and you have to follow that indicator to unwind the layers of the game. On the other hand, you will have some other quests at the beginning levels that you can follow for extra points. These quests are present in the form of purple, yellow, and yellow icons with a chain. Purple and chained yellow icons are important to gain points and boost. You have to complete these quests along with the main quest. 


Level 35 to 50

Now, as you will have unwrapped the initial steps, these levels will take you to the oceans. These levels will be about sailing in different oceans. 

After you reach level 50, there will be 3 tiers that you have to achieve. 


Lost Ark Endgame Guide

The main and most interesting part of Lost Ark starts after level 50th. This stage will unlock activities such as a gear-honing system, chaos dungeon, etc. Endgame will further open the Lost Ark storyline by completing the North Vern story, and then after unlocking the icebreaker ship, you will reach a new region. The main place in Endgame is Vern Town. You have to visit by completing quests and opening the storyline. This phase will take the game to level 302. As this is the main part so play it carefully because it will open your path to reach Chaos Dungeon and Guardian raid.


While you are in North Vern, you have to follow the blue world notification to attack Abyssal Dungeon. You will get very good bonus points at this level, and you have to perform this step every week. This attack requires attention. Otherwise, the game will be out of your hands. We suggest you complete this stage with your friends because group play will make it easier. This stage will give you a gold reward.


Chaos Dungeon

In this stage, you will face intense battles, adventures, and enemies. Chaos Dungeon will have different difficulty levels ranging from level 1 to 10. You can start your level by your choice. Less difficult levels will have fewer reward points, while high levels have more points. To get used to them and gain more experience, starting from less difficult levels is recommended.


You can play this stage solo, but why not experience it with your friends? For a grouped battle, you have to balance skills amongst members such as damage dealer, support, tanks, etc. You will face multiple encounters with enemies and boss encounters, and these encounters will increase with the increase of difficulty level. So group battle, coordination, and crowd control skills will help to clear the area in a short period. The boss enemies will have unique abilities and mechanisms, so you have to follow them carefully and, with team coordination, tackle their strategies easily. Be sure you should be well-equipped and well-optimized gear. Prioritize gear that enhances your specific Class and playstyle.


You can also use consumables, health potions, buffs, and mana potions to sustain energy and sustainability during battles. Chaos Dungeon will give you points, gold rewards, gear drops, chaos cubes, and more.


Guardian Raids

Guardian Raids in Lost Ark are epic encounters that unite a group of players to face off against massive and powerful bosses. These raids offer challenging gameplay, valuable rewards, and an opportunity for cooperative teamwork.


There are a few requirements that you have to complete before diving into the Guardian Raid. Your game character should be properly leveled and geared before starting the level. Collecting tanks, healers, and damage dealers is crucial to complete the game roles. Make a strategy with your friends for executing mechanics, calling out dangerous abilities, and coordinating important actions such as interrupts or healing rotations.


Guardian Rai bosses also have different mechanisms to understand and deal with. Know when to interrupt, dodge, block, or change your position. Guardian Raids may require multiple attempts to achieve success. Learn from each run and analyze areas for improvement. Adapt your strategies, refine your execution, and make adjustments based on feedback from your party members.


Guardian Raids is a learning process, and perseverance is key to eventually mastering the encounters.


Una's Tasks

These are the side quests and challenges you must complete every week to earn points and gold, gear up the characters, and polish skills.


Which Class Is the Best Solo Class?

Every Class of the Lost Ark is developed completely, interesting, and balanced. Each class is suitable to play as a solo game, or if you want to play it in a group, it will also give you an amazing experience.



Lost Ark gives a thrilling MMORPG experience filled with an adventurous world full of sailing, fishing, battling, and other experiences. You will explore different islands, and the game contains much more. This is a great addition to the game, and hope this will be available in other parts of the world too.



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