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Lost Ark Destroyer Starter Guide

By Hakky2022-12-02

The Destroyer is a Warrior class introduced in the "Destined for Destruction" Update. Their primary weapon is a colossal Hammer, which they handle with great skill. This warrior is sluggish yet strong, and his hefty attacks are capable of causing high Stagger on his opponents.


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In Lost Ark, the Destroyer reigns supreme when it comes to dealing with Stagger Damage. There are no other classes that can quickly or efficiently stun an adversary in the same way that you can. Even if a Berserker does a significant amount of Stagger damage, it is not enough to match a Destroyer's damage output. This is because having high levels of Stagger and also being a Frontal Attacker improves their stagger potential. As a result, they are in a better position to cause Stagger.


This guide's foundation is up to date with the latest details available on Lost Ark Destroyer build. Rage Hammer, a common class engraving, boosts crit rate and damage according to the number of cores utilized while using gravity release abilities and is thus fundamental to the dominant playstyle (purple skills). You'll need to use blue abilities to get these Gravity Cores.


To create cores and smash your enemies, the Destroyer will use a wide variety of blue and purple abilities. This is your endgame Destroyer's default playstyle when you focus on building and spending.


Mechanics of Destroyer

Since the Destroyer is a fighter, they are one of the classes who move the slowest overall, but there are various ways that they may make up for this. If you glance at their ability book, you'll see that there are two distinct colors of abilities: purple and blue. These may be interpreted in the same way as builders and spenders, respectively. The builders of your concentration skills and blue abilities will build up your gravity cores. You may consume these gravity cores to make your gravity release skills, the purple abilities, much stronger in various ways, often with scaling damage.


As you collect these gravity cores and then spend them, it will fill up both your passive meter and your hypergravity meter. Once both meters are full, you can go into hypergravity mode. When you activate it, it will provide you with a sizable shield and begin depleting the meter. Once you are in this mode, you will have two choices.


You may utilize the vortex, which isn't generally used for damage against bosses but is wonderful for chaotic dungeons. If you use it, you'll smash it down, and it will pull some enemies in. The second choice, which is far more popular, is to begin auto-attacking; the longer you keep it going, the more damage it causes and the quicker it runs, which both contribute to an increase in the amount of damage produced. It's arguably one of the most amusing abilities in the game, and one of the class engravings increases the damage done by using hypergravity mode.

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The Party Synergy Effects

Trace of Pain is a passive effect seen on Dreadnaught, Jumping Smash, and Power Strike that lowers the target's defense by 12% for 10 seconds. Destroyer's main Synergy Skill boosts the damage done by the group. Due to the very low cooldowns of Dreadnaught and Power strike, this debuff may be kept active at all times without the need for cooldown gems or Swiftness.


The Running Crash ability has a passive Synergy Effect called Target Focus. For the next 6 seconds, all sources of Stagger Damage will increase by 20%. While this is usually not essential, it is an option should something need it. Running Crash's lengthier cooldown means it won't get a lot of use outside of very close stagger checks, but that doesn't mean it can't be helpful in other situations.


Destroyer Skills

When it comes to the Destroyer skills, there usually are only nine abilities that players who have reached a high level of mastery employ. There is a fundamental set of six abilities that players will use in raids and chaotic dungeons, and abyss dungeons, respectively. Dreadnought and Gravity Impact are the two talents you can switch out for anything else.

The Dreadnought is a more raid-friendly option because it has some preparation time that may be used for large bonks. Meanwhile, Gravity Impact is a large area of effect attack that does damage several times and rolls any adversaries still alive into a ball so that they may take further damage. You will also do Running Crash in place of Full Swing.


It is also important to note that the Destroyer favors the Big Bang awakening skill as their primary source of awakening power. After amassing gravitational energy, it attacks foes within a 3.2-meter radius with bursts of energy to release the massive dam. You are immune to push-back pushes and move speed decreases while the awakening skill is being performed, and you also obtain a damage immunity bonus of 50% during this time.


In addition, it enables you to travel while simultaneously accumulating gravitational energy and disregarding any unit collisions that may occur. The quantity of energy that you have accumulated will determine how much damage you will deal with and how far the impact will spread. This awakening is the one to employ for all PvE content, and it may even be beneficial in PvP when combined with gravitation-based CC effects.


You should prioritize using your Galewind runes on talents with faster casting speeds since this is another good general rule of thumb. Charged attacks that you perform, such as the Seismic Hammer and the full swing, are excellent instances of this. You may also equip Overwhelm's stagger damage on talents such as Dreadnaught and Jumping Smash, considered skilled with a medium-high amount of Stagger.

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Destroyer Best Rotations

The purpose of this rotation is to get Gravity Cores via the use of Concentration Skills reliably and to reserve the usage of Release Skills for just those occasions in which all three cores trigger their enhanced form. We aim to complete the Gravity Meter filling as quickly as we can.


Since you are about to leap into the adversary, you should prioritize utilizing Dreadnaught or Jumping Smash and immediately use Endure Pain. All of these talents have longer rest periods between uses. Heavy Crush should be used as filler because of this, although it does not deal a significant amount of damage.


It has such a short cooldown that you will almost certainly still have it after using one of the other abilities. When all three cores have been activated, you may choose between using Earth Eater, One-Man Army, or Seismic Hammer. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll soon be able to employ Vortex Gravity!


Combat Stats and Accessories of Destroyer build

Your character is affected in many ways that are particular to their class based on the combat stats from the accessory items you equip. Your priority for each stat will be determined by the Engraving class you select, and you will search for accessory items that combine Engraving nodes with the stat you want to prioritize.


This is not a difficult task for Destroyer at all. You should strive to have the highest possible Crit rating, with Specialization being your second most important goal. This is consistent throughout all game levels and Engravings for both available classes.


Crit will boost the number of times you land a critical strike, while Specialization will speed up the process of building Gravity Cores and the Gravity Meter. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you spray some Swiftness to make the sluggish attack animations of the Destroyer flow more smoothly.


Stat Priority and Engravings of Destroyer

The Destroyer's talents and tripods carry a lot of raw damage. Because of this, Crit is an excellent supplement to make up for their inherent lack of Crit. Even though the amount you utilize may change according to your Build, it is still a crucial stat for the Destroyer.


Even the Destroyer benefits from Specialization since their Concentration Skills do greater damage thanks to this stat, and they can recharge their Gravity Cores faster. Due to these two benefits, Specialization is an excellent start for the Destroyer class.



With this Engraving, Destroyers may specialize in unleashing massive burst damage by rapidly charging into Hypergravity mode. An increased emphasis on Specialization will help this construct enter Hypergravity Mode more often.


With this Engraving, the Destroyer can reliably deal damage and score critical hits. Their reliance on other forms of Engraving, such as Precise Dagger's, is lowered while they have access to a substantial quantity of Crit Rate thanks to this. Due to the identical quantities of Critical Damage they each deal, this makes Keen Blunt Weapon a less desirable choice.



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