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Lost Ark: Biggest Update for New Players

By Jessie2022-11-22

We got our patch notes for the update about Lost Ark Reaper's release on November 16. This update is very beginner friendly because many new changes in this patch notes can help new players start Lost Ark and get to the end game faster than before. So I highlight some of the most important ones and state the reasons why they are big for newbies.


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1. The Quest and Mokoko Challenge Updates

This update brings the quest and Mokoko challenge updates, which is one of the biggest things. Before this update, the mokoko buff would stick with you until you hit 1370 Ilevel. It's there to help you not get one shot, help you do more damage, and take less damage. It's just a little comfy net for you to learn the game. However, starting from this update, the mokoko challenge or mokoko buff has been expanded to ilevel 1415. The new player buff granted has been adjusted:

Under 1370: Damage to monsters increased by 20%; damage received decreased by 20%.

From 1370 to 1415: Damage to monsters increased by 10%, and damage received decreased by 25%.

This is very nice for new players!


2. Procyon's Protection

We also have Procyon's protection, a new system that was added into the game this time, and this new system is also called rock protection, which will help new players learn Legion Raids. This protection provides a buff, increasing damage dealt to monsters by 10% and reducing damage received by 20%. Players who have cleared the corresponding Legion Raid 10 times or less (per Roster) will get Procyon's Protection. Once a player has cleared all gates 11 times or more, information regarding Procyon's Protection will disappear from the Legion Raid entry UI, and the buff will be removed. Procyon's Protection buff is available up to Vykas Hard mode, which is 1460 item level.


This buff is very important because it helps newbies to learn parties. There'll be a little tankier, and they will do more damage than before. And this buff runs out once you've done a gate 11 times or more. That is a lot of time and clears for you to understand the raid and get comfy with it. This is one of the best things lost ark has done for the game and the community in general, especially for new players that are going to be joining.


3. Raid & Dungeon


Argos Abyss Raid

Speaking of raids, Argos Abyss Raid is pretty much the first kind of big raid. You will be doing an item level 1370 and above. The Argos has a set of 3 gates. The first one is 1370; gate 2 is 1385, and gate 3 is 1400 ilevel. However, the level requirement for the second and third gates of Argos has decreased to 1370, equal to the first gate. The difficulty has also been adjusted. So it's suitable for new players learning or getting into the game.


Abyssal Dungeons

The recommended Item Level and the Level requirement to matchmake into Oreha Preveza has been lowered from 1340 to 1325, equal to the first Abyssal Dungeon, the Aira's Oculus. That means you could knock out both of them by just being 1325. So it's very good!


4. Honing

When honing Item level 1302 equipment from level 12 to 15, the base honing success rate has been increased to 30%. This means you will have a much better honing time because increasing to 30% is quite huge. This is important to Lost Ark. Most players know the pain of honing in the game. Hitting your last honing from 14 or 13 to 15 takes a lot of time, especially if you are a new player so that change will help you and your Alts a lot! And all these changes are permanent. That's why it's so important for new players.


All these updates are so good that we can't even put them into words. If you want to join this game, it's a good time. As a new player, MmoGah is also your helping hand if you want some help. We provide gold selling services for Lost Ark and many helpful guides for you to browse. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queasions.




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