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Lost Ark Endgame Guide: Best Things to Do After Getting Level 50

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Getting to the endgame of The Lost Ark is a job that requires a lot of time and may quickly become daunting. You will unlock many features along the way, but the vast majority will become available at the very end. When you reach level 50, your experience will be completely different. Therefore, it is essential to know what you should prioritize. This article will describe what you should do after you have reached level 50 in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Endgame Guide


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Things To Do After Hitting Level 50 Cap in Lost Ark

Continue working on the World Tasks if you have completed all of the quests in the Main Story up to Finding the Arks and unlocked sailing. This brings you to new continents and areas across the sea, and it does all of this while you are discovering new levels of activities. 


During the Lost Ark endgame, this is what you should be doing at level 50. Regardless of whether you have already reached the maximum level or are just about to:


Carry on with the Primary Quest

You will reach level 50 far before the game's leading tale ends; nevertheless, this does not imply that you should give up on finishing the main quest just because you have a good chance of reaching that milestone (designated by the blue globe icon). 


The Vern Castle is the primary destination that you should strive to achieve. After reaching level 50, you can start accessing endgame activities such as the gear-honing system and the Chaos Dungeons. 


However, it is highly recommended that you finish the plot for North Vern before moving on to the Shushire area, which can be accessed when you have unlocked the Icebreaker ship. After you have done this, you may continue to the next part of the game. 


You will need to finish the main narrative missions in Shushire regardless to access higher content tiers. Completing the main quest in that zone will provide you with a complete set of endgame equipment with an item level of 302 that may be upgraded.


Unlock the Awakening Capability of Your First Class.

You will want to teleport to Trixion as soon as possible after reaching level 50 so that you may speak with Beatrice and accept a quest that will allow you to unlock your first Awakening ability and the last average ability for your class. 


Consider that completing this quest chain is vitally necessary to unleash the full power of your class, even though the Awakening quest for each class is unique in some little way. Do this as soon as possible rather than waiting. You will, at some point in the future, be able to unlock a second Awakening ability by going to the Rohendel area. This will be possible when you have increased the item level of your character to a certain point.


Complete Una's Tasks

Ensure you have completed your three daily missions and your weekly quests from Una's Tasks before engaging in any activities available during the Lost Ark endgame. You have complete discretion over whatever options you want to pursue, so to get the most out of your daily workouts, you should always try to complete as many of them as possible.


It Would Help If You Immediately Began Running Chaos Dungeons

Because this is likely the quickest and simplest method to get an endgame armor set in Lost Ark, we suggest you perform this as your first endgame action when you reach that point in the game. As a result of the Gear Honing process, standard leveling equipment essentially becomes useless, as it is incompatible with endgame gear, which can only be utilized in the process (more on that later).


You can only run the Chaos Dungeon twice per day per character, and the prizes include currencies such as Disorder Crystals. These crystals may be exchanged for Harmony Shards, which can be used to improve your equipment. 


Aside from that, foes may drop gear that will serve as the cornerstone of your Gear Honing process as you strive to increase your item levels. If you want to get a head start on the rest of your endgame quest, make an effort to keep up with your daily passes through the Chaos Dungeon. It is best to stockpile as many upgrade materials as possible since you will need a significant quantity of these items to advance through the levels.


Complete Abyss Dungeons

When you reach a certain point in your World Mission progression, you will unlock a quest named To Ancient Elveria. Once you've completed it, you'll be ready to take on the weekly challenge that is the Abyss Dungeons. 


The challenge increases significantly, but the benefits are worthwhile. Coordination is essential. Therefore, it's best to have a party for individuals you know or who are at least amenable to talking to one another.


Complete Guardian Raids

If you like playing Monster Hunter, you may find that Guardian Raids provide a comparable experience. You are allowed to run two of them every day, and the objective of each one is to defeat a boss that does not show their current health bar. Because it allows you to earn valuable prizes, you should pay attention to the fact that it's a reasonably enjoyable hobby.


Try Exploring the Islands

Islands are the solution to the problem of what to do when you have finished all your daily and weekly responsibilities and are at a loss for what to do next. 


Many of the islands in the world of Arkesia will reward you with the same types of upgrade materials that you obtain through endgame activities, such as Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. These materials can improve your gear in various ways, and you can find them on multiple islands. 


The vast majority of islands are reachable anytime; however, certain islands periodically host special events that are only available for a short period and are well worth experiencing.


Play About in "The Tower"

When you have completed all of the required endgame content in Lost Ark, you will also have access to the Tower. In contrast to the Chaos Dungeons, this is a solitary activity in which you are tasked with ascending 50 levels while eliminating large numbers of foes on each one. 


As you move through the levels, the difficulty of the foes you face will increase, which means that you will ultimately reach a point where you are unable to continue further, regardless of how powerful your items are.


Even said, there is no daily limit on the Tower, and you should make every effort to advance as often as possible to increase your chances of obtaining better equipment. The best method to approach this challenge is to first raise your item level with the loot you get from running the Chaos Dungeon and then try to ascend the Tower and see how far you can go.


Use Gear Honing to Raise Your Item Level to 460

If you're doing World Quests, you'll eventually reach Rohendel, but you will only be able to enter once you've got an item level of 460. You can purchase Harmony Shards, Fragments, and Leap Stones from town merchants and utilize them to upgrade your equipment. The actions above will aid you with acquiring these resources, and you will then be able to Gear Horn your way into combat with RNG.


Raise the Level of Your Stronghold

Even while the base-building component of Lost Ark is only sometimes the most exciting section of the game, it's still quite important to the overall experience of getting to the conclusion. 


You may produce endgame potions, food, and account-wide bonuses from the Stronghold, but you will need to continue studying different recipes and improvements to level up your Stronghold. 


When you level up your Stronghold, you get access to more recipes and improvements that you may learn. It's essential to make sure you have a steady supply of consumables like bombs and potions if you want to make it through some of the more difficult endgame content in Lost Ark. The Stronghold can become a bit of a resource sink at times. Still, if you want to make it through some of the stricter endgame content, you'll need to do so.



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