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Lost Ark - How to Build Taijutsu Scrapper

By Jessie2024-01-05

Taijutsu Scrapper is a subclass of Scrapper, a melee fighter class in Lost Ark, an MMORPG game. Taijutsu Scrapper specializes in using Stamina skills, which are fast and powerful attacks that consume Stamina energy. Taijutsu Scrapper has high Stagger, Weak Point, and Counter Attack capabilities, as well as high mobility and survivability.

Lost Ark Taijutsu Scrapper

To build your Taijutsu Scrapper, you need to choose the skills, engravings, combat stats, gems, gear, and card sets that suit your playstyle and the content you are doing. Some of the general recommendations are:

• Skills: You should use skills that deal high damage, have low cooldowns, and synergize well with your Stamina skills. Some of the recommended skills are Charging Blow, Dragon Advent, Iron Cannon Blow, Battering Fists, Death Rattle, and Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination. You should also use a synergy skill, such as Crushing Smite or Judgment, to apply a debuff to the boss that increases your damage. You can also use a counter skill, such as Instant Hit or Roundup Sweep, to react to the boss's attacks and deal more damage.

• Engravings: You should use engravings that boost your damage, survivability, and resource management. The most important engraving for Taijutsu Scrapper is Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu, which increases your Stamina recovery speed and your Stamina skill damage, but reduces your Shock skill damage. You should also use engravings that increase your Attack, Critical Hit, Swiftness, and Destruction, such as Iron Fist and Swiftness.

• Combat Stats: You should optimize your combat stats to maximize your performance and efficiency. The most important stats for Taijutsu Scrapper are Attack, Critical Hit, Swiftness, and Destruction. You should also invest in other stats that help you survive and deal more damage, such as Defense, Health, and Back Attack.

Gems: You should socket your gear with gems that enhance your combat stats and skills. The most recommended gems for Taijutsu Scrapper are Attack Gems, Cooldown Gems, and Skill Gems. You can also use other gems that provide useful effects and bonuses, such as Movement Speed Gems, Stagger Gems, and Counter Gems.

• Gear: You should acquire and upgrade your gear to increase your power and potential. The most recommended gear sets for Taijutsu Scrapper are the Tier 3 gear sets, such as the Oreha's Well Set, the Velganos Set, and the Chaos Set. These sets offer the highest stats and bonuses for your class. You can also use other gear sets that offer different advantages and disadvantages, such as the Tier 2 gear sets, the Guardian Raid gear sets, and the Abyssal Dungeon gear sets.

• Card Sets: You should collect and awaken cards to get passive bonuses and effects. The most recommended card sets for Taijutsu Scrapper are the Yorn Set, the Feiton Set, and the Punika Set. These sets are related to the new regions that were added in the January update, and they offer bonuses that increase your Attack, Critical Hit, Swiftness, and Destruction. You can also use other card sets that match your playstyle and goals, such as the Class Set, the Monster Set, and the NPC Set.

As with any class in Lost Ark, keep adapting your Taijutsu Scrapper build as you gain more experience and as the game evolves with updates and new content. In group content, understand your role, which often involves dealing high burst damage to enemies and bosses. Coordinate with your team for optimal performance.

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