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  • Why ArcheAge Gold Buyers Prefer to Choose the Trade Method of Auction House rather than Mail
    By John Ryan2015-11-04 00:00:00

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    As a propessional ArcheAge gold seller, has run the gold selling business for over 10 years. FFXIV Gil, WoW Gold and ArcheAge Gold are the three main virtual currency products at Mmogah. Moreover, we have also reached to the gold markets of SWTOR Gold, GW2 Gold, ESO Gold and DFO Gold. In this essay, we will focus on the game of ArcheAge and try to provide some valuable information to ArcheAge gold buyers of how to safely and smoothly buy ArcheAge Gold.

    Speaking of buying gold, the issue of “Safety” is definitely the key matter that both buyers and sellers are concerned about.  As our experience, delivering gold via Auction House is the safest and smoothest gold trading method at present.

    l  Gold trading procedure of the way via Auction House is as same as normal trade between two ArcheAge players in the game via Auction House. This method is normal and reasonable, so it is safe. Buyers who shopped, shop or will shop at Mmogah or other gold sellers, we strongly recommended this method to them.

    l  Second, buyers’ gold is secure when buying ArcheAge gold from professional gold selling online store like Mmogah, because there are advanced compensation regulations for protecting buyers’ benefits. For those who buy ArcheAge gold from Mmogah by choosing the gold trade method of Auction House, Mmogah guarantees to make full gold loss amount compensation to our buyers if their gold is recalled by Trion World. Moreover, buyers also do not need to worry about the Deposite fee (only for 48 hours) for Auction House trading. Mmogah will cover  this fee for you.  Click the Compensation Statement and the previous essay of “How to Get Fast and Smooth Delivery When Buying ArcheAge Gold at Mmogah” for more details.

    This is why we strongly recommend trading method of Auction House when buyers buy ArcheAge gold from gold sellers. Why the method of Mail is not good? Delivering ArcheAge gold by Mail can easily be chased by Trion World Company obviously, therefore it is harmful for both of the accounts of buyer’s and seller’s. There even might have some risks of getting accounts banned.

    In the last, we would like to share a latest dicount coupon code information for any ArcheAge gold orders at Mmogah. Please check the code detail by clicking the thread on Ownedcore Forum.