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  • Why Buy Gil Before Stormblood?
    By Helen Keller2017-04-18 00:00:00

    As we know, buying gil is the most important thing for ffxiv players before updates, let alone the large 4.0 Expansion-Stormblood. Why? MmoGah (the No.1 ffxiv gil selling web) will tell you two reasons: one is that players need enough gil to make preparations beforehand, and the other one is that the price of gil is much cheaper before Stormblood.


    Make preparations in advance

    Here is an article written by a FFXIV customer of MmoGah in the following parts, as a result MmoGah gives him a large 10% off coupon. From what he wrote, you will clearly understand why players choose to buy gil before stormblood.

    “A great deal of people are out there thinking to themselves the same question - should I buy gil?  Some are on the fence because they don't know if the reward outweighs the risk. However, with Stormblood just around the corner can you truly afford to secondguess yourself for too long? 


    Vanity items is the biggest market for which gil is used and the pinnacle of this is player housing.  Typically gil purchases are followed by the purchase of a housing plot. With that said though, there are only so many plots in Shirogane that will be available for a day. On some servers they won't even be available for much more than an hour.


    I know some of you may think, hey I have time before I can decide whether or not I want to be able to fund a house. This is the wrong way of thinking though. Sure, it's true that Shirogane's housing ward launch will not coincide with Stormblood's launch, but there is a bigger picture here - furniture.  The plot in many cases is the cheapest aspect of housing. With Stormblood's launch, there will be fewer people running old content at the appropriate item level sync to farm valuable housing materials. Now what does that mean for you? Increased prices. Expect several items that used to cost a few hundred thousand to price in the millions, and the million gil items to hit double digit millions. 


    If I've persuaded you to lean more towards buying gil, let me now tell you how to properly prepare for the economic nightmare looming on the horizon. Buy all the primal, crystal tower, alexander, binding coil of bahamut furnishings now. If you can cut corners with event items by buying them on mogstation for cheaper then do so. If certain items are too pricy make sure to cross reference the price of materials and get a crafter to make it for cheaper. Doing this will cut your costs by upwards of fifty to seventy five percent. The solely crafted items whose materials are strictly from gathering will drop in price so you need not concern yourselves with those.


    Do not hesitate to buy gil now though and take advantage of low prices while you can. Prepare yourself with research on the fluctuating market! And finally, trust mmogah with all your gil needs.”


    Cheaper ffxiv gil before Stormblood

    Usually, a large number of accounts get banned when ffxiv has a large update, which causes shortage of gil, and the price of gil is multiplied several times. In addition, new vanity items will cost players’ much gil, like housing. Therefore, it’s right time for you to buy cheaper gil before Stormblood. Now, if you agree with Mmogah, we will tell you four steps to buy cheapest gil from


    First, you should sign up and log in, and directly enjoy your member discount.

    Level 1: The total money you have spent is between 0-1999 USD You get 1% discount

    Level 2: The total money you have spent is between 2000-3999 USD You get 2% discount

    Level 3: The total money you have spent is larger than 4000 USD You get 3% discount


    Second, you should pay your attention to Mmogah’s Promotion, five severs each day, really cheap.

    Third, the larger orders you place, the more gil you get. 5M-20M, you will get +2%M. 20M+, you will get +5%M.


    Fourth, you should make full use of our coupons.

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