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  • Making FFXIV Gil without Crafting or Gathering
    By Helen Keller2016-09-05 00:00:00

    When folks are asked what way can make gil in Final Fantasy XIV, I believe most of you will say playing gatherers and crafters. As we know, Gatherers and Crafters are two richest classes in Final Fantasy XIV, because there are all kinds of materials in the game which can be used by gatherers and crafters to do what they want, and then sell the materials for gil. However, many players ask whether there are some other ways of making gil, so now, I want to tell you how to make ffxiv gil without crafting or gathering. I learned these methods from a thread in reddit and hope to help you guys a lot.



    Because you can now meld material onto battle gear there are more ways to obtain material of grade IV and V to go with the higher demand. These are some of the ways you can get material.


    Weeping city weekly. Once a week you will get Mhachi Matter as a drop for clearing the weeping city. It is a 24man raid with the minimum ilv at i205. This matter can be traded in for a grade V materia (not crafting) of your choice by speaking to Smacklix in idyllshire at Stickqix’s Bangpots (the gobbie building). Accuracy and crit will most likely be the most valuable. They are 400k for me.


    Palace of the Dead. PotD is a 4 man dungeon that you can enter solo, premade or DF. You can enter at any lv and will lv in the dungeon. The lv does not stay with you outside PotD however you will get exp every 10 floors when it saves. Sometimes from bronze chests and for sure when clearing floor 1-50 you get a Gelmorran Potsherd. This can be traded in for a grade V just like the matter mentioned earlier. This is traded in to E-Una_Kotor in Quarrymill.


    Diadem. Currently diadem is not run much but you could try PF or going with FC. For every enemy you kill in diadem it will drop a chest. The loot from these chests can be traded in for spoils. Its 3 spoils for a grade III, 10 for a IV and 20 for a V. You can trade spoils in at the airship landing in ishgard or by speaking to the spoils collector in the housing zones. This currently will take longer than PotD but in 3.4 it may be more active again.


    Beast tribes. In the higher ranks of the 2.x beast tribes the quests will give you an option to pick a grade IV material. You can get 1 each quest when you have the ranks which totals up to 12 material a day. On my server grade IV’s are starting to go back up in price again and this can get you over 400k total from doing all 12 quests.


    Tomestone mats

    With poetics you do not have many options. Fawn, dust bunny and fledgling dodo are minions costing 7 poe each. There is also a faded copy of another round costing 1,000 poe. The minions costing a few thousand each and the song costing around 5k on average. So the minions are much more gil per tome however if your still doing relic its best to keep it on them.


    Esoteric tomes have a larger amount of things to sell. 2 songs that are not faded called Contention and Ominous Prongisticks for 750 eso and also some of the materials used in the i220 crafted gear. NQ being 20 eso and HQ being 50. The songs cost 100k and 70k respectively. Eikon mats hovering around 15-30k each but they do still change frequently so be sure to check whats best.


    Lore. Currently there is nothing that can be sold with lore. However in 3.4 it will be the uncapped and most likely sell some sort of mat used for crafting.


    Trials and Raids

    Selling runs. Selling runs can be one of the harder methods out of this but if you get lucky can be the most rewarding. I have very little idea of the actual prices runs get sold by but someone on my serve was selling A4S for 14mil, the 3.x ex’s for 2-7mil and some of the older ex’s for 1mil and less. It also requires 7 people that have cleared the content that will sell with you and the ability for a few to swap roles so you are able to have a tank, healer or DPS join you.


    Primal drops. Some of the old and new EX primals have materials worth lots on the MB. These can be a pain to farm because RNG and 7 other people. large levin orbs are worth 500k, kingly whisker worth 800k, expanse baleen worth 3.2m, hive forewing 500k (soon to go up lots), fiend sap worth 6.6m, nidhogg’s scale worth 2mil. There are also songs from these worth lots.


    Coil runs. Credit to /u/anonymousjosh on these. T2 can be done solo if you are a SCH of i210+ like this otherwise you might want to get a friend or 2. It will drop mats such as allagan silk worth 80k. This also works for T4 if you bring some friends. You can also run T5,9,12 and 13 for the songs and aetherstones from there. The 5,9 and 13’s song is needed to make the answers roll so it can be worth lots. The aetherstones can cost lots with T9 chest aetherstone costing 400k, the T13 chest aetherstone costing 400k and legs 800k and most likely next patch a weapon aetherstone also.



    Check retainers. This isn’t a continuous method but every now and then its good to check your retainers to see what might have some value.


    GC seals. There are lots of things sold in the GC that can be sold on the MB. Eagle feather for 200 GC seals is 2000 gil. Grade 5 dark matter is 230 gil and sold for 300 gil. Cordials are 500 GC seals and sold for 2.5k gil. Lots of furnishings such as the Flame storage bench for 5050 GC and 9k gil. Miniature aetherites costing 14470 seals and 10k gil. Relic mats such as kingcake that all cost 5k seals and 100k+ gil. Coke and similar items which are 200 seals and 3k gil. Borax which is 250 seals and 20k gil.


    Aquapolis. Aquapolis has a wide variety of loot such as glass fibers worth around 80k. Grade V materia of any type including crafting so the value varies between 250k and 700k. i170 mats worth around 50-100k. Favor mats worth around 10k. Grade IV materia worth 10-200k (expensive being the elemental ones because relic) and a bunch more things. It also just gives you gil from clearing floors. 10-50k each person for killing a goblin and 100k for doing all of aquapolis.

    Play the MB. This can take lots of research but by looking at trends you can see what has gone down lots and is most likely to go up again soon. This is things like the grade 2 stat potions and the rav EX mat. You can also sell mats from a vendor such as the beast tribe ones and some things will be worth more on the MB.


    Gardening. Gardening is a longer method to obtain some gil but does also not require much effort aside from checking them every so often. I would suggest using for how to grow things. Blood peppers worth 200k and thavnarian onions are 250k.


    All the top contents are really worthwhile for folks to have a try. All in all, you can make ffxiv with/without Gathering or Crafting, which totally depends on you. If you still feel too slow to earn money, you can buy some urgent ff14 gil from a professional ffxiv gil seller. It has been more than 20 days left before FFXIV Patch 3.4-Soul Surrender, everybody, take your time to save full gil in stock and enjoy your new challenge.


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