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FFXIV Gatherers and Crafters Are Easily to Earn a Large Number of Money

By John Ryan2016-05-11

 As we know, nearly half of classes in FFXIV are gatherers and crafters (they are really in an important position), because there are all kinds of materials and folks can do what they want. Therefore, most players choose gatherers and crafters first, and when they earn enough cash, they will choose some burning-money and comparably powerful classes. If you do not play gatherers and crafters, then you have to buy enough ffxiv gil from some professional ffxiv gil seller to be well prepared for the future. Following the former easy-how to fast level up ffxiv second class, Mmogah will tell you why the two classes are so rich through the analysis of some experienced player in detail.

FFXIV Gatherers and Crafters Are Easily to Earn a Large Number of Money

At the beginning of the game, the rich crafters without patience always paid ridiculous a large number of cash to buy mats that are easily gathered by gatherers, so gatherers gradually were rich, and then crafters were poor. When crafters reached a point where they can sell tools and gear back to gatherers, and the rich gatherers can easily afford these tools and gear, as a result the crafters got back their loss cash again.


However, there are the raiders who doesn’t gather or craft, but buy gear from the Market Board and their cash finally go to crafters. What they can do though, is to farm items that drop from dungeons and monsters, and then sell on Market Board for cash. In the end, crafters will pay good money for those items.


The most important thing is that if you just understand how the money flows in FFXIV, you’ll know where to position yourself to earn a living.


Crafters really have a huge advantage in the game because once you get the highest recipes, you can break it down, and know every item you need. Normally, it will actually include some very low level and cheap items, but in huge amounts. In this case, crafters will simply clear the Market Board for those items. Those crafting gatherers who knows about this, will go and gather those mats themselves for their own, and sell the extra at high prices. If you’re a gatherer, and just know what crafters need, you can make some very quick money. This is why it’s always nice to be-friend some high-end crafters and know what they need. Their information will let gatherers sell the hot things on the Market Board.


Like FLAX in Heavensward, Ramie Thread requires Stalk of Ramie and Flax. At the beginning of Heavensward, many crafters were leveling Weaver because they thought if they can craft the highest crafting gear, they would make the big gil (and it worked out for some of them, while others got there too late). Stalk of Ramie is a new Heavensward item, but flax was a very low level ARR item from Botanist. Yet, all the flax were cleared from the Market Board, so the price went ridiculously high. Somebody had 10 spare flax selling at his retainer for 99999 gil each, just because he was out of space for such misc item back in ARR. And it ended up somehow to be the last batch of flax on the Market Board. Someone decided that it’s a rare item, and actually bought it. So, he earned about 945,000 gil for 10 flax, which literally would have taken him 20 seconds of work to get. In this case, he thinks that impatient crafter was in severe deficit of gil though. And whichever gatherers who first got more flax to place on the Market Board would have been a big gil winner too.


Summary for all of you:

Take up that miner pickaxe or botanist hatchet, and start hitting every node you know, sell everything, and try cover everything until you find something hot. Alternatively, speak to crafters who know what’s hot, and gather those.

FFXIV Gatherers and Crafters Are Easily to Earn a Large Number of Money

Of course, if you want faster to earn cash, the best choice of making money in FFXIV is to buy ffxiv gil, keeping “money begets money”. Using gil to buy everything you need, and then you will strong enough to play dungeons and bosses to gain high-end items to earn more money. Therefore, there are also players choose handwork power leveling to fast reach high level, so that they can get highest items to sell at the highest price.


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