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How to Buy a House in FFXIV

By Michel Z2020-12-23

Welcome to the FFXIV housing guide. For some players, getting a house in Final Fantasy XIV is a little difficult and expensive. It requires time and a decent amount of gil. In this guide, Crushing Defeat Media and Meoni give you all the information you need to know to buy a house in FFXIV. If you need to get some gil fast, don't forget to check out MmoGah, a trustworthy website to buy FFXIV gil safely.


If you want to buy a personal house, you must be at least level 50 and be of second lieutenant or higher in a Grand Company. If you want to get an FC house, your FC must be ranked 6. You also need a minimum members of four players in FC before you purhcase a plot.




When Housing Opens Up


The best time to look for housing is usually right after the hour in real-world time like 12:01 PM, 12:05 PM, or 1:06 PM because you might get a house at those time for the reasons below:


SE Adds Housing

Property Repossession

Someone Moves Out


1. SE Adds Housing: it creates housing opportunities. Every time a new patch hit, there will be a few new housing wards, meaning that many new houses will become available to players. If you are on PC, a good SSD will be quite important because you'll want to load into the game as soon as possible.


2. Property Repossession: someone who hasn’t been playing the game for a while loses their property.


3. Someone Moves Out: if someone buys a new house and they relocates, their old house will become available.



Where to Get a Plot


Your house will be restricted to one of the four Residential Areas:


Goblet in Thanalan

Lavender Beds in Gridania

Mist in Limsa Lominsa

Shirogane in Kugane


You can check if there are any plots available by speaking to the Residential Area Guide or using the Aetheryte. Once you find a good plot, hit the “Select” key, then it will take you right to that Ward.

Note that practice makes perfect. If you are going for a plot, make sure you learn the layout of the zone you want to be in. For example, you should learn the Etherite locations that you are teleporting to so that you don't waste time on the road.


Next, you need to find an icon with an auctioneers gavel on the map, which means there is a house for sale. You'll want to go that area and stand outside the plot, approach the placard outside and select “Purchase Land”, then choose whether the plot is for your FC (Free Company) or private for you. 


Buying a plot can be quite expensive. There are different prices, depending on the class of your plot, and I think the price also depends on the house’s location. For example, a plot located on the beach or near the Market Board might have a higher price.


If you want to buy a small plot, you have to pay about 4M FFXIV gil. A medium plot is about 20M gil, and a large plot will cost you about 50M gil. Those prices are only for the land, so you still need extra gil to buy a house later.


Every housing ward has a little swimming area that you have access to, so it doesn't matter which housing area you choose. There will always be a place where you can go splash your feet.

How to Buy a House in FFXIV p1


Where to Get a Construction Permit


After you have bought the land, you need to buy a Construction Permit to actually build on it. You have 45 days for this (if you don't build in this time, you will lose the land due to reclamation of inactive housing).


You can buy a Construction Permit from the Housing menu under the social tab, which is the easiest way. You can also go to the Market Board and see if you can buy any permit for less.


There is one important thing you need to know – an auto demolition feature. If you don't play much or don't enter your house for a while, the auto demolition feature will turn on. So if you want to get a house, you also need to make sure you pretty much stay up to the game for a very long time because otherwise, there is a chance that you might lose your house.


That is how to get a house in Final Fantasy XIV. If you find these videos helpful, make sure to like and subscribe to their channels. If you didn’t get a house, don’t lose hope. You will always have an option to get a house in the future.


The cost for a house may be a big number for a new player, but it’s not that difficult if you decide to spend some time on money making in the game. Of course, you can also choose an easy way to get the FFXIV money in 20 minutes – buying FFXIV gil on MmoGah. This is a top-ranked FFXIV gil seller, and no customer has been banned for purchasing gil from us so far. For more news and guides, please stay tuned.


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