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Upgrade Gear Levels and Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

By Nightmare2022-04-27

This article will introduce an easy way to upgrade gear levels in Final Fantasy XIV and how to unlock the method. On the other hand, it's also a good FFXIV Gil making way.


The Hunt Trains


How to Unlock the Hunts

I will not explain every step for unlocking the Hunts in this article because it will be hard to read. If you haven't unlocked the Hunts in all expansions yet, you can click here to check out all the quests on Wiki.


Buy FF14 Gil


The quests on Wiki show like in the picture below, and you can click on the NPC's name to find the locations. It covers from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker, and you can get Minions, Mounts, and other rewards for unlocking the Hunts in different expansions.


Quests on Wiki 


How to Upgrade Gear Levels

The best things you can get from the Endwalker Hunt trains are Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating, which can be used to augment your armor and accessories to Item Level 600 with the NPC Khaldeen at Radz-at-Han X:10.9 Y:10.4.


Gear Augmentation


Usually, the way to get these Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating is through the Savage Raids and Alliance Raids, but you can only get the loot once per week.


However, you can exchange three thousand or two thousand Sack of Nuts for Radiant Twine or Radiant Coating with J'lakshai at Old Sharlayan X: 11.8 Y: 13.2.


Twine and Coating


About FFXIV Money Making

The Endwalker Hunt trains can cap on Allagan Tomestones and get Cracked Anthoclusters and Cracked Dendroclusters, which can exchange for high-level Materia. If you need them, you don't have to spend FF14 Gil to buy them. If you don't need them, you can exchange them and then sell them on the Market Board for Gil in FFXIV. You can get 10 of them with just one Hunt train, so it's definitely worth it.


Exchange Materia


The Best Ways to Do the Hunt Trains

There are Hunts you can do on the Hunt Board, which gives you Sack of Nuts, but that's not the best way to do it. The best way is the Hunt trains, which the community organizes. Sometimes they announce it in the Novice Network or sometimes in the shout chat, but the most reliable way is to join the Hunt Discords. If you don't pay too much attention to Discord, you can ask if anybody can invite you to a Hunt Linkshell when you are on those Hunt trains.


Sometimes most parties in Hunt trains can be full and can't invite you, but you can type /pfinder to find the Hunt tab on the top, join a party if there is one, and create a party if there isn't.


That's all for the Hunt for now. Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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