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Should You Play Final Fantasy XIV in 2023?

Nightmare February 23rd, 2023 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

Final Fantasy XIV is one of many players' go-to MMOs right now, despite being over a decade old. The developers and the community have made the game a welcoming experience for newcomers and returning players, with many new expansions and other content. So let's dig deeper into what makes FFXIV worth playing in 2023.


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what makes FFXIV worth playing in 2023


FFXIV Stories

Final Fantasy XIV's most vital selling point is its brilliantly crafted storylines. The game features all sorts of main and side stories for all sorts of audiences, even with acquired tastes. All storylines bear a ton of detail with intricately crafted lore and well-acted cutscenes. Thanks to the stories, you can easily enjoy the game regardless of whether you are playing solo or with a team. And the game always has new content to keep you engaged and entertained!


FFXIV Stories


Out of all the upcoming new content and changes in 2023, all players can agree that it's the story they mostly look forward to. The current Endwalker expansion has been around for quite a while, and 2023 will finally wrap up the story to prepare for the next big expansion. While exact dates aren't revealed, the new expansion is expected to come out in late 2023 or early 2024. Besides the main storylines, 2023 will feature many new trials and raids alongside a third deep dungeon.


Balanced Combat

The tab-target combat experience in FFXIV might feel a little slow at first, but it gets better as you progress. And currently, there are 20 jobs/classes that define how you play your role in the game. These range from tank to melee and ranged DPS and also support roles. The best part is that you can progress in each of these roles and unlock different abilities to keep the combat fresh and interesting.




The game also features a lot of dungeons and trials, which helps keep the game challenging and exciting. FFXIV features a massive number of four-player Dungeons, eight-player Trials and Raids, and 24-player alliance raids, each distinct from one another. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, FFXIV has content to match your skills and keep the combat experience fresh.


The game also features PvP modes if you fancy taking on other players. The Crystalline Conflict is the latest PvP mode that brings a fun MOBA-like experience where two teams try to push for an objective. Other modes include Frontline - a massive 3-way battle with 24 players on each team, and Rival Wings – another MOBA-like experience with much larger teams of 24 players.


Not Pay-to-Win

FFXIV is one of the most customizable MMOs out there right now. You can customize almost everything, from your character's appearance to the clothing you desire. Apart from character customization, the game also features a housing system where players can invest in buying and customizing their houses.




There are also many collectibles, like Mount, Minions, Glamours, and Emotes. FFXIV is one of the strongest Mount games in any MMO out today, with over 200 Mounts and over 300 Minions that players can earn in-game. Some collectibles are from quests, and some are from dungeons or other ways, which is fun to collect them.


In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMOs to get into in 2023. The developer team is also putting out amazing new content regularly, and the game also has one of the most active and friendliest communities in the gaming world.


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