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  • FFXIV: How to Rank Up Fast in Grand Company
    By Michel Z2021-01-20 00:00:00

    Grand Company is a feature you unlock early on in Final Fantasy XIV. As you rank up, you will get access to the Squadrons and a variety of items, such as a house that you can buy with your FFXIV gold. In this video, LucidFaith is talking about how to rank up quickly in your Grand Company.

    There are three Grand Companies to choose from – The Order of the Twin Adder, The Immortal Flames, and The Maelstrom. Functionally, all three of the Adders, Flames, and Maelstrom are the same. Most of the differences between these companies lie in company attire, which can be nice for glamours, location, PvP, and titles.


    You can change your Grand Company later on, and the first time’s transfer is free. After that, there's a small fee. When you change, you start at the lowest rank of whatever you change to, but you retain your rank if you go back. So, it’s possible to max out all three if you want.


    When you want to rank up, you need to go to your Personnel Officer and select “Apply for a Promotion”, then it'll pop up a box with the requirements.


    How to rank up in GC? There's a couple of mechanics. First off are Grand Company Seals. You will get Grand Company Seals from doing various activities, and you can turn them in to rank up. In addition to that, you also have the Grand Company Hunting Log. In Hunting Log, different ranks will have you complete one of the three portions. Lastly, there are a couple of side quests that are required to do the rank-ups. You can find a quest list on the, but the game does tell you everything to get those quests done.


    How to Get Grand Company Seals Fast



    You can get Grand Company Seals in a variety of ways. The first is FATE. Completing any FATE, any level will get you some Grand Company Seals, so it is a great way to do for XP and Seals.


    Duty Roulettes

    There are two Roulettes that you can do to get Seals – Leveling roulettes and Guildhests roulettes. You can only do them once a day, but you can do them infinitely for Seals if you meet Adventurer in Need requirements.


    Supply and Provision Missions

    These are one per day missions you can do for your Grand Company for gathering and crafting requests. You’ll be asked to go gather or craft a certain number of items. You could be gathering ore, catching fish, or making different armors, etc. After getting the required items, you go back to turn them in. Then you’ll get a nice pile of experience and Seals. If you give them high-quality versions of what they're asking, all the rewards double.



    There are also special Leve quests known as GuildLeves that you can do for any of the Grand Companies. So you can always take these on and do them for experience and Seals. But if you do a quest that is for your Grand Company, for example, when you're in Twin Adder and you do a Twin Adder Guildleve, you'll get bonus experience and Seals. So if you have extra Levequest points, it might be worth a shot.


    Expert Delivery 

    The last and preferred way for a lot of people to earn Seals passively is by doing Expert Deliveries. But there's a catch – you don't unlock Expert Deliveries until you hit Sergeant Second Class in your Grand Company, which means you'll need to do the before-mentioned methods until you get here.


    You can turn in rare items that you can sell to vendors to your Grand Company for Seals. These items are going to be your green, pink, or blue items. You have to be able to sell the item. So, if you can't sell it to a vendor, you can't turn it into your Grand Company. Other than that, you can just run dungeons. Tanks and Healers will be especially great with this, and you’ll want to roll Greed or Need on every item that pops up.


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    Reasons Why You Should Rank Up in Your Grand Company


    There's an expanding list of items available to you as you rank up. This includes weapons, armor, Crafting materials, and housing items. You will also get Glamour Prisms, which are used for your cosmetics. Grand Company Seal is a cheap and easy way of getting your Glamour Prisms.



    The second reason you’ll want to level up is to get access to Squadrons. You will get access to Squadrons once you hit Second Lieutenant. There is a lot you can do with Squadrons, including taking them with you to dungeons later on through Command Missions. Before that, you can put your Squadron together, help them train, and send them on missions to gain experience for them and some fun stuff for you.


    That is how to rank up in Grand Company. If this video helped you a lot, make sure you subscribe to LucidFaith’s channel and join his discord. For more content related to FFXIV, please bookmark our FFXIV news page on MmoGah – the best place to buy FFXIV gil online.





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