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Gatherers Level up Guide 1-90 and Make Gil in FINAL FANTASY XIV

By Nightmare2022-01-02

All players know that Disciples of the Land can make Gil in FINAL FANTASY XIV. If players do not have miner or botanist leveled, there is a fast way to level them up to the max level and make some FFXIV Gil during the process.




EXP Boost Preparations


Players should prepare some items before going out to gather.


  1. Company-issue Survival Manual from Grand Company.
  2. Cordial from the Market Board.
  3. Commercial Survival Manual
  4. Boiled Eggs for 3% EXP bonus from vendors.
  5. Squadron Survival Manual, reward from squadron missions.

Squadron Survival Manual


Players can buy the items listed above by choice.



Unlock Miner or Botanist


Players who have not unlocked them can go to the location listed below.


Miner's Guild is at Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:11 Y:14).

Botanist's Guild is at Old Gridania (X:6 Y:8).



Level 1 to 10


Players should move to the first starting area next to the town where players have started the gathering job of choice and start gathering.


Players will reach level 10 in no time, then go back to the city to buy gear close to level 10 and equip the secondary weapon.


There is no need to waste leve allowance here for these ten levels.





Level 10 to 51


Players can level 10 to 51 in the Diadem, and if players have not unlocked it yet, they need to activate the Firmament first then unlock the Diadem.


Unlock The Firmament

Complete Litany of Peace a level 60 MSQ, then go to Foundation (X:9.7 Y:11.5) to click the paper on the wall to unlock the Firmament.


Unlock The Diadem

Once players have unlocked the Firmament, players can speak with Aurvael at the Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0) to get the ability to go to the Diadem.


Unlock the Diadem


Once players enter the Diadem, players can start farming nodes till level 51, and during that will make a nice amount of FF14 Gil.


Gear does not matter in the Diadem, so the level 10 gear is enough to reach level 51.


Remember always to keep the EXP boost up.



About FFXIV Gil Making


Speak to the NPC Flotpassant next to Aurvael at the Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0), click on Auto submit, and click Request Inspection.


Request Inspection


Then use them to craft or sell on the Market Board, and that is how to make FINAL FANTASY 14 Gil.



Level 51-90


After hitting level 51, players can go to Ishgard to buy vendor gear, weapons, and accessories close to level 51 and buy some Peppered Popotoes for food buff.



The first thing is to set the in-game clock to Eorzea time, open up the gathering log with G as the default hotkey, check for the Unspoiled Node spawn time, and remember it, go there when it spawns.


Unspoiled Node


When it is not time for Unspoiled Node, go back to the Diadem, keep grinding there, and get to the Unspoiled Node when it opens.


Before gathering the Unspoiled Node, make sure to have the GP filled and use Cordial if needed.


Players should also try to get 1000 Collectability to get the max amount of EXP and scripts.


1000 Collectability


Speak to Collectable Appraiser (x11, y10) in Radz-at-han to exchange rewards.


Collectables Exchange


There is a website that players can use to track down the spawn timers of the Unspoiled Node for level 81 to 90.


Players can upgrade the gear when needed, and players can also do leves if there are enough allowances.



If players do not want to go through all the trouble to level gathers, they can buy gathering Power Leveling/Boost at MmoGah, and their veteran players will level it for you.


Players who want to level gather by themselves and still have questions can check for Fur Daddy and Desperius FFXIV's video for more details.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing FINAL FANTASY XIV.



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