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How to Become a Hardcore Raider in FFXIV

By Nightmare2022-11-02

Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the biggest MMORPGs for over a decade, and the growing player base doesn't seem to decline anytime soon. With news of more server expansions, the game is only expected to grow even bigger in the coming years. And you might also be one of the millions of players that actively enjoy it. But have you tried the hard content? Or are you afraid of trying them?


hard content


Final Fantasy XIV is actually an easy game, and anyone can clear any content in this game, no matter if you are crafting main or gathering main. You can all clear this, and the big secret to clearing any kind of content is to invest an enormous amount of time into whatever you are trying to clear.


When you see other raiders are better than you, that just means they have put in more time, and that's the biggest difference. When it comes to rotations, openers, optimization, and other overall general knowledge of the game, they have done their due time for all of that.


Just like in most things in life, FFXIV also requires players to get seasoned to become good at it. If you put in the hours to try out the hard ones, you will eventually definitely get good at it. If you want to take a shortcut to achieve that status, buying Power Leveling or Gil is always an option. Find the best FFXIV Gil deals here.


Who is Considered a Good FFXIV Player?

Practice makes perfect, but what exactly differentiates a good or veteran player from a casual newbie? Completing the game's hardest content usually puts you on the top, and knowing how to beat them means that you have a fair knowledge of the game's mechanics and stats. It's OK to be a casual player in FFXIV, but it is even better to be good at all of them.


The Ultimate Legend


How to Get Good in FFXIV?

It might be a lot to take in at first, but once you start getting familiar with them one by one, you will notice that these mechanics seem to borrow from one another. Knowing what roles to play and what to do in certain scenarios is also a characteristic of a good FFXIV player.


The first step in getting there is to make a goal, find a dungeon, trial, or anything that is hard to clear for you.


The next step is preparing for it. Get comfortable with your job and skills, and research the fight to get familiar with it. Then queue up or find friends to challenge it together. Also, learn from your mistakes, and don't give up just after a few wipes.


The final step is always to push yourself. If you are currently a casual FFXIV player and want to get good, you should try aiming for harder levels. You don't need to start with extreme difficulty content but gradually push yourself to become comfortable with them. Joining extreme parties and completing current-day content is a great way to push yourself to become good.



Does it Really Matter?

Does being a hardcore raider in FFXIV actually matter, one might ask. The answer depends on your dedication to the game. As long as you are having fun playing the game, that is all that matters.


Thank you for reading, and have fun playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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