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FFXIV, WoW, SWTOR, ESO and Gw2 Which Is Really Worth Paying Gold?

FFXIV, WoW, SWTOR, ESO and Gw2 which is really worth paying gold? The elite gamers have shared their own unique opinions and went on hot discussions. Mmogah will list the detailed contents in the following parts.



A: XIV blows it out of the water. The game looks beautiful, it plays wonderfully. The character and item variety and customization is monstrous. Animations and spell effects are the best of any of the games listed, easily. The dungeon grinds are interesting the first several times through due to all the story and beauty of each. Plus - MUSIC. So much goddamn great music.


In my opinion, XIV took the basic WoW format and blew it the fuck outta the water. If you’re going to do it, do it right - and they sure as fuck did. Their expansion actually felt big - it added a lot of stuff content - wise and lots of beauty and wonderful music. The abilities were hit or miss - some classes became so anally rotation - centric a shallow way that it bored me to death, so I think they swung and missed on that, but otherwise.


B: FFXIV, conversely, has a pretty boring lore but an amazing main story. The story ramps up after you hit level 50 (up until then it’s very dull). FFXIV gives you semi-frequent medium updates and WoW gives you slower major updates. The issue with FFXIV’s design is that it makes content outdated quickly, and they only give you 2 dungeons per patch. This means at any given time, you just run 1 of 2 dungeons per day.


Therefore, FFXIV is the most worthwhile for you to pay gil.



A: Meh. Every now and then it’s worth a month to poke at whatever is new, but dungeon/raid finding bores me to death, and WoW only adds a few new dungeons/raid every here and there, nothing else to do besides that, and their sense of humor annoys me to no end. Add in the grind, class/race locks that prevent me from playing stuff I’d like, etc.


B: WoW - not much I can say causes I was an active player quite a while ago, but since then I’ve heard mostly positive things. Legion’s got great reviews and it’s so easy to get into now, I’d recommend. You’ll for sure get your money worth.


C: WoW’s graphic is definitely strong, but is not as pretty as the other games WoW seems to have the most interesting Lore, but the worst method of telling you it. That said, WoW is seemingly working to give you more patches in Legion than previously.


In short, as a classically worldwide MMO-WoW is also worth paying gold.



A: I can see the appeal of but I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, so that doesn’t gloss over the negatives for me and the story just doesn’t pull me in.


B: As for SWTOR - the class stories are all more or less great, and for me that was the main reason to check out the game (I’m a big SW fan). And that’s pretty much the only pro in my opinion, besides some nice landscapes. Gameplay wise it’s just another WoW clone. Also playing without a sub is a real chore, even if you sub and then you decide to play as a nonsub afterwards, it’s still not much better than complete f2p. I’ve been subbed for a few months and the amount of restrictions when I decided to go ‘preferred’ (nonsub) made me lost my interest in the game.


C: I hear SWTOR has a good story.


Even though so many gamers say that SWTOR makes them disappointed, but there are still a large number of players expect the KotET’s coming. As for swtor is worth paying gold or not, you make a decision by yourselves.



A: ESO was subbed for a 2 months or so, what put me off tho was that after I stopped subbing, I lost the access to all dlcs including other things. The combat felt non-impactful, also the whole game scales to you now, so I haven’t felt much of a progression. The quests were really good, most of them really well voice acted. Pvp was really fun. Overall, I recommend you sub for 1 month and check it out.


Above all, ESO is kind of worth paying gold.



A: I like the world and overall design of art/characters/etc., gameplay not so much. Skills feel few and limited, some weapons just have a crap set that are more or less useless, and everything scaling feels kind of weird. That plus they haven’t really added much to it to make me want to come back since it came out. Don’t really want to grind various weird dungeons for the one super sword or cosmetics. Expansion was kind of neat, I was excited by the prospect of finally some new stuff, but the new class didn’t excite me much, kind of felt weird, but the class specialization thing was neat, hopefully they’ll expand on it.


B: GW2 is the one that I like the most from the list. You buy the game - no subs, no hidden costs, no restrictions. You can also play f2p to check it out first. Big, beautiful world, great art style, the gameplay is really solid too. It has its flaws, not the best endgame being one of them, can’t say more bad things about it. Overall, it’s great to jump into quickly and have some fun.


Thereofore, GW2 is still worth paying gold.

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