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Early Endwalker Gil Making in FINAL FANTASY XIV

By Nightmare2021-12-08

Here is a guide about FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil making through gathering in early Endwalker for lucky players that have passed the queue and logged in. Don't worry for players who keep getting error 2002 because there are other ways to be rich in the game.



Why Gather Now


Materials are super expensive in the early times of new expansions, and most players are busy with Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) or leveling up battle jobs. So, it is the best time to make easy FF14 Gil.


The gathering jobs will never make more profits than now, so when players get in the game, go and harvest into the field, especially for players who want to stockpile some FINAL FANTASY XIV Gil to level up crafters later.


MSQ and the new jobs will always be there, but the materials price will drop with time.




Which Gather Job to Choose


If players have two or three gather jobs at level 80, then better check the prices before deciding which gathering to level first.


If players also have crafters that they want to level up, they can check for the recipes first to find out what materials to gather.




How to Gather


Press G to open up the gathering log, and click on the material, then players can find the location for gathering spots.


gathering log




When players arrive in the area, go for a quick gathering. If players spend too much time using skills or abilities to get one or two more pieces out of each gathering attempt, this might consume more time than simply going to the next deposit.


Some deposits offer two types of materials, so gather the ones that can sell for higher prices or the ones players need for level up crafters.


two types of materials


Also, make sure the gear is not falling behind completely.



Rested Bonus


If players want to level up their fighting jobs in the next couple of days, make sure not to burn down the rested bonus entirely, so maybe use the rested bonus with a fighting job before getting rich with gathering.


Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil


How to Sell Faster


Players may find competitions when selling on the Market Board, so frequently refreshing the prices can help players sell faster, especially on those items where small changes can make a big difference.


Never undercut anything higher than one Gil because demand is there, and people will buy the stuff regardless of the prices.


If players undercut too much, the prices will drop pretty fast. In order for every gather player to make more Gil, just undercut it with one Gil or sell the same price as the lowest ones.





How to Get Quick Gil in FFXIV


If players don’t have the chance to gather, such as can’t log in or are too busy with leveling up other jobs, then don’t worry, because players can also buy cheap FF14 Gil when needed, MmoGah is always there to supply FFXIV Gil.


Thank you for reading, and good luck to players who haven’t logged in yet. I hope you can pass the error 2002 and get in.


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