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Most Powerful Healer Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

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You'll find a role in The Elder Scrolls Online regardless of your playstyle. One of the most crucial roles of ESO group content includes the healers. If you have a good healer in your group, your group will stay alive in even the most difficult situations. 


If you like to play as a healer and are looking for a healer set to use the next time you try out group content, you are at the right place. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most powerful healer sets in The Elder Scrolls Online. Note that all the sets mentioned in this article are Dungeon or Trials sets, which means you might need some gold when building a strong character for the challenges in ESO

Most Powerful Healer Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online


Hollowfang Thirst

If you want a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use healing set in ESO, you can choose the Hollowfang Thirst. The reason why it is so beginner-friendly is that the activation for its main ability is pretty simple. 


As you critically heal a teammate or critically damage an enemy, a Blood Orb spawns (ball of Hemoglobin). After two seconds, the Blood Orb will explode, restoring up to 1750 Magicka for up to 11 group members within 6 meters of the ball. 


The Blood Orb explosion also applies Minor Vitality for additional healing. While the healing received you get from Minor Vitality is a nice addition, this set is best suited for groups struggling with Magicka sustain.


The best part about the Hollowfang Thirst is that it adds up to 1314 to your critical chance, which makes it easier to spawn the Blood Orb. 


Healing Mage

The Healing Mage is a decent option for healers. Firstly, it boosts Magicka Recovery and Maximum Magicka. Secondly, it adds 4% Healing Done. Along with that, it also applies Munior Cowardice to enemies, which reduces their Weapon and Spell Damage by 215. 


To apply Minor Cowardice, use an AoE heal ability, and it will get applied to all enemies within 10 meters of you and will stay for 5 seconds. 


Stone-Talker's Oath

Another healer set that shins the most in groups that require Magicka sustain is the Stone-Talker's Oath. It not only boosts Magicka, but it also provides Stamina to the group. 


Like the Hollowfang Thirst, activating the Stone-Talker's Oath is also simple. To activate this set, players must Heavy Attack an enemy, which will place a Soul Bomb on the target. After 10 seconds, the bomb explodes, and 5% of the damage dealt to the enemy gets distributed to the group as Magicka and Stamina. 


Pillager's Profit

Pillager's Profit is a decent healer set. Firstly, it adds 4% Healing Done. Secondly, it grants Minor Aegis, which reduces damage taken by 5%. The best part is that Minor Aegis stays on you 100% of the time with this set.


Finally, as you use your Ultimate ability while equipping the Pillager's Profit, 5% of the Ultimate spent will be granted to group members as Ultimate. This effect applies to up to 11 group members within 12 meters. 


On top of all those abilities, the Pillager's Profit also adds up to 1096 Maximum Magicka. If you are looking for an allrounder healer set, then Pillager's Profit is an easy pick.


Worm's Raiment

The Worm's Raiment is probably the most Magicka-centered set in ESO. It adds up to 258 Magicka Recovery, plus 1096 Maximum Magicka. On top of that, it also grants you and your group members 145 additional Magicka Recovery. 


Similar to most other sets, the Magicka Recovery effect applies to up to 11 other group members. Also, it only applies to group members within 28 meters of you. 


The Worm's Raiment is one of the best options for beginners since you don't have to do anything to apply the Magicka Recovery effect. Instead, it is constantly applied until you die. 


Vestment of Olorime

If you are looking for a more DPS-centered, you must try the Vestment of Olorime. Firstly, it provides up to 258 Magicka Recovery. Secondly, it constantly provides Minor Aegis, reducing the damage you take by 5%.


Moving on to the DPS ability of the Vestment of Olorime, it gives you and your group members Major Courage, which increases Weapon and Spell Damage by 430 for 20 seconds. 


As you cast abilities that leave an effect on the ground, it will create a circle of might for 5 seconds. To get the Major Courage buff, you and your group members will have to get in that circle. The cooldown for this effect is 10 seconds.


Roaring Opportunist

The Roaring Opportunist is probably the most powerful healer set in The Elder Scrolls Online. Plus, it is one of the best DPS-centered healer sets. It adds up to 1487 Offensive Penetration, 129 Weapon Damage, and 129 Spell Damage, and gives you Minor Slayer at all times, which increases your damage inflicted by 5%.


On top of all that, the Roaring Opportunist grants the Major Slayer buff to you and up to 5 group members, increasing damage inflicted by 10% for 1 second for every 600 Spell Damage or 6300 Magicka you have. In other words, the more your Spell Damage or Magicka, the greater the damage increase.


You have to inflict a Heavy Attack to apply the Major Slayer buff. One Heavy Attack will grant the buff to only five other group members. Fortunately, if you have more members in your group, you can make another Heavy attack to apply the buff on them as well. 



If you like the Healer role in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can pick out a set from the ones mentioned above. We have selected these sets based on our own in-game testing. 


However, you should take this list with a grain of salt. You might prefer a healer set that isn't on this list. If that's the case, you can use whichever set you like, since this list doesn't cover all sets in the game. 


Fortunately, if you choose a set from this list, you will surely see impressive results. Try one of them out and see how they help you in the game. 


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