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ESO Builds: One-Bar Heavy Attack Magicka Arcanist – Necrom

By Michel Z2023-05-04

If you're a Heavy Attack enjoyer or a one-bar build enthusiast, you'll be glad to know that The Elder Scrolls Online's newest Class – Arcanist, does both things well. In this guide, Hack The Minotaur shows you a Magicka Arcanist that can pull some of the highest solo damage numbers with Heavy Attacks while adding much utility for group content.



Build Stats

Maximum Magicka: 30525

Maximum Health: 26677

Maximum Stamina: 18746


Magicka Recovery: 1305

Health Recovery: 1801

Stamina Recovery: 1304


Spell Damage: 4151

Spell Critical: 44.1%

Spell Penetration: 8368


Weapon Damage: 4151

Weapon Critical: 44.1%

Physical Penetration: 8368


Spell Resistance: 22438

Critical Resistance: 1320

Physical Resistance: 22438


Attributes: 64 points into Magicka


Race: Khajiit's Feline Ambush passive increases your Critical Damage and Critical Healing. The Khajiit Race pairs very well with some passives, buffs, and debuffs that the Arcanist can access. But you can also choose any other Race as you like.


Mondus: The Thief


Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls increases your Max Health and Health Recovery, which is helpful for soloing as an Arcanist.


Potion: Essence of Health

Gear Setup











Maximum Magicka


Noble Duelist's Silks



Maximum Magicka


Sergeant's Mail



Maximum Magicka


Noble Duelist's Silks



Maximum Magicka


Noble Duelist's Silks



Maximum Magicka


Noble Duelist's Silks



Maximum Magicka


Noble Duelist's Silks



Maximum Magicka


Sergeant's Mail




Ring 1

Sergeant's Mail




Ring 2

Oakensoul Ring




Two-Handed Weapon

Sergeant's Mail

Lightning Staff


Charged Weapon


Sergeant's Mail is the best Heavy Attack set in ESO. When you deal damage with Heavy Attack, you gain a stack of Sergeant's Focus for 5 seconds, increasing the damage of your Heavy Attack by 645 per stack.


Noble Duelist's Silks is also slotted for stacking Heavy Attack damage. When you deal damage with a Light or Heavy Attack in melee range, you increase the damage of your Light and Heavy Attacks against monsters by 2110 for 15 seconds.


Slimecraw's Helmet gives you extra Spell Damage and Critical Damage.


Oakensoul Ring works well on Heavy Attack Arcanist builds. While equipping this ring, you can play with a super easy Rotation and obtain a lot of buffs in the meantime, making soloing and group content much easier.


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Skill Setup

Unstable Wall of Storms is a central skill for a Heavy Attack build. The skill not only deals a lot of AoE damage but also allows you to set enemies Off Balance with a Lightning Staff.


Tentacular Dread is a morphed version of Abyssal Impact. Casting this skill will consume all your Crux. Tentacular Dread immobilizes enemies and applies a debuff called Abyssal Ink to enemies. The effect of Abyssal Ink lasts for 20 seconds, allowing you to deal 5% increased damage to enemies. 


Furthermore, damage to enemies drenched in Abyssal Ink is increased by 2%, and immobilization duration is increased by 1 second per Crux spent. That means you will get another 6% damage for the three Crux spent. Therefore, Tentacular Dread is a great option for crowd control in solo and group content. 


You will want to reserve your Crux to get as much bonus damage as possible. But you can also use Tentacular Dread at the beginning of a fight for the 5% bonus damage and the immobilization.


Chakram of Destiny creates Crux and a damage shield for an Arcanist, and recasting on a target already shielded grants a new shield that is 30% stronger. What's more, up to 4 allies in front of you will also get the shield, meaning Chakram of Destiny will offer some group utility as well.


Escalating Runeblades is your second way to generate Crux. As the main DPS skill of the Arcanist, Escalating Runeblades deals increasing damage with runes. When the last rune explodes, it deals damage to all enemies within 8 meters of the target. 


Rune of the Colorless Pool can be used for nuking Bosses as quickly as possible. It debuffs your enemies with Minor Vulnerability and Minor Brittle, increasing their damage taken by 5% and their critical damage taken by 10%. Using the skill against a monster also gives a stun that lasts for 8 seconds.


Rune of the Colorless Pool is a flexible slot. If you play in a group, you can swap this skill out because you might have a Tank that is running this kill or similar debuffs. If you needs a heal, you can replace Rune of the Colorless Pool with a healing skill, such as Evolving Runemend


The Tide King's Gaze (Ultimate) casts forth a beam at enemies, dealing tons of damage over time. This skill can be used as a single-target nuke tool to melt bosses quickly. If you want an AoE damage skill, choose Elemental Rage (Ultimate) instead.


Passive Skills


Class Skill Line

Fated Fortune

Harnessed Quintessence

Psychic Lesion

Splintered Secrets

Aegis Of The Unseen

Wellspring of The Abyss

Circumvented Fate

Implacable Outcome

Healing Tides

Hideous Clarity


Intricate Runeforms


Weapon Skill Line

Tri Focus

Penetrating Magic

Elemental Force

Ancient Knowledge

Destruction Expert


Armor Skill Line



Spell Warding




Guild Skill Line

Undaunted Mettle


Racial Skill Line

All Racial Passives


Other Passives

Medicinal Use


Champion Points



Reaving Blows (Slot)

Weapons Expert (Slot)

Fighting Finesse (Slot)

Deadly Aim (Slot)


*Note that these Warfare stars are chosen for solo content. You can change them if you are playing group content.


This build doesn't have many healing skills, so Reaving Blows is slotted for some healing. But if you are playing with a Healer or decide to use one of the Arcanist's healing skills, you can replace Reaving Blows with a more offensive star, such as Wrathful Strikes.



Rejuvenation (Slot)

Fortified (Slot)

Boundless Vitality (Slot)

Basion (Slot)



Steed's Blessing (Slot)

Treasure Hunter (Slot)

Rationer (Slot)

Liquid Efficiency (Slot)


Cast Chakram of Destiny to absorb some damage. Use your potion if you want to. 


Put down your Unstable Wall of Storms, then cast Tentacular Dread for more damage and debuffs.


Alternate Heavy Attacks with Escalating Runeblades to generate Crux. Recast Unstable Wall of Storms and Tentacular Dread when they expire. Tentacular Dread is more effective if cast with 3 Crux active.


Case Rune of the Colorless Pool to debuff bosses and nuke them with The Tide King's Gaze (Ultimate). You can also use Colorless Pool to stun dangerous enemies such as archers and casters. 


That is the one-bar Heavy Attack Magicka Arcanist build for the Necrom update. If you like this video, please share it with other players and subscribe to Hack The Minotaur's channel for more future content.


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