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Must-Have Skills for a Healer in ESO

By Michel Z2023-09-15

A healer is a character that uses healing abilities to increase the survivability of their teammates and themselves. But this is only a basic definition of a healer in ESO, where healing brings in a lot of different roles from other MMOs under one category. In ESO, healers restore all of your unique resources and buff the team. 


If you're interested in improving your healing skills, Bologna offers some skill recommendations that may prove to be helpful for you. Keep in mind that his build is still a work in progress, and if it doesn't work for you, it may be because you have a different play style. Everyone plays ESO in their own way, and while there is a lot of helpful information online, ultimately, it's up to you to build your character based on your own play style.



Attributes: 64 points into Magicka

Race: Breton

Class: Warden

Weapons: Restoration Staves


In ESO, you have three resources: Health, Magicka, and Stamina. Health keeps you alive and well. Magicka is used for a wide variety of magic abilities, and Stamina is used in sprinting, blocking damage from an enemy, rolling, and for melee weapon abilities. There are some exceptions in this list, but Magicka is only used when using a Magicka ability, and there are more Magicka healing abilities than Stamina ones. Stamina isn't a bad choice for healing, but it's only useful in very specific situations.


It's highly recommended to choose a Breton or High Elf when creating a Warden character in the game, as they provide a significant increase in your Magicka reserves. This is especially important for healing abilities, as the strength of your heals depends on your primary resource. Using Stamina as your primary resource can be difficult to maintain, which is why it's not recommended.


Front Bar Skills


Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom is one of the morphs of Lotus Flower. This ability adds an additional heal to your light and heavy attacks. It does not replace your damage for a heal or decrease your damage done in any way. In addition, the skill grants you two buffs – Major Prophecy and Major Savagery – which increase your critical and the amount of healing you provide to your allies with your spells and weapons.


Lotus Blossom may seem like a skill designed for a hybrid DPS and healer build, since it adds heals to your attacks. However, when you are using a restoration staff as a healer, it can significantly increase overall healing.


Blue Betty

Blue Betty is a morph of the original Betty Netch. Blue Betty spawns a small netch to your side, restoring your Magicka over time. As you might have guessed, the other morph restores your Stamina, which is what you don't want. 


Blue Betty also applies the Major Brutality and Major Sorcery buffs to your character, increasing your base Weapon and Spell damage by 20%. It also increases your base healing through your Magicka abilities and weapons. 


What is more, Blue Betty removes one negative effect from you every five seconds. That's helpful, as you don't want to be wasting extra heals on yourself if you have an enemy's damage on you over time.


Expansive Frost Cloak

Expansive Frost Cloak is your first ally buffing ability. As the morphed version of Frost Cloak, this skill gives you and your allies Major Resolve, which increases your Physical and Spell Resistance by a significant amount. Compared to the other morph, Expansive Frost Cloak has a much larger radius of effect, allowing you to hang in the back and have all players in your view, which means you and your allies are much safer.


Enchanted Growth

Enchanted Growth is the morph of Fungal Growth. Enchanted Growth utilizes the power of psychedelic mushrooms to burst heal your allies in a cone formation. The length of the cone is 20 meters, which is decently long.


Enchanted Growth gives your allies another set of buffs called Minor Intellect and Minor Endurance. These buffs restore everyone's Magicka and Stamina quicker by adding a whopping 15% to your total Magicka and Stamina recovery stats. These buffs can help your allies restore their resource of choice to devastate their enemies.


Budding Seeds

The final basic ability for the first bar is Budding Seeds, a morph of the Healing Seeds. Budding Seeds spawns a 28-meter circle that heals you and your allies within that circle. Your teammates can also activate a Synergy to harvest the flowers, which gives them healing over time. On top of that, when the ability's duration ends, it explodes with a massive burst heal to anyone in the circle. You can also end this one early by activating it again. It's the most reliable healing ability a Warden can have.


Reviving Barrier

The Ultimate ability is a morph from the classic Barrier, Reviving Barrier. This ability gives everyone within the 12-meter radius a ward that absorbs a ton of damage within 30 seconds. The wards also heal you and your group members.

eso healer


Back Bar Skills



Cleanse is a morph of the Purge ability within the Support Skill Line. If you don't have any of these PvP abilities, it's highly recommended to get them. However, if you don't want to do that, you can opt for the Siphon Spirit alternative, which is a morph of Force Siphon from ESO's Restoration Staff skill line.


Cleanse is an ability that can heal your allies and remove negative effects like Bleed or Poison. On the other hand, Siphon Spirit applies Minor Lifesteal and Minor Magickasteal debuffs to your enemies. This helps your allies to feel more secure and rest easy. These debuffs allow your allies to regain some of their lost Health and Magicka when they deal damage to the enemies who are cursed with this ability.


Radiating Regeneration

Radiating Regeneration will heal you or up to three other allies within 28 meters of you for x amount of Health, all in a duration of 10 seconds.


Ward Ally

Obtaining the third ability in this build may require some effort on your part. While you have the option to use other Restoration Staff abilities like Ward Ally or other Green Balance abilities, this build recommends Energy Orb from the Undaunted Guild skill line. It's important to note that this ability can only be accessed once you have reached level 45.


Combat Prayer

Combat Prayer gives you and your allies Health and buffs everyone's damage and resistance by handing out Minor Berserk and Minor Resolve. Remember, Major and Minor buffs do stack. So technically, you're also applying Major Resolve from the previous skill, Expansive Frost Cloak, further improving the survivability for you and the entire team, assuming you got a good aim with Combat Prayer. Note that Combat Prayer only lasts for 10 seconds, while Expansive Frost Cloak lasts for 20.


Healing Springs

Healing Springs is a morph of Grand Healing. It heals everyone within a 28-meter circle and gives a boost in Magicka Recovery of 15 for each player in there. This can stack up to 20 times, so if you had 20 people in there, that would increase your current Magicka Recovery to a staggering amount of 300. With whatever you already have, that's a lot of Magicka Recovery.


Some people would prefer to use the other morph, Illustrious Healing, which does heal for more Health, but it's really not needed with all of the other abilities that stack on each other.


Aggressive Horn

The last Ultimate ability on this bar is by far the best buff to damage ability you'll ever witness. Aggressive Horn increases everyone's Max Magicka and Max Stamina by 10% for 30 seconds. 


Your allies affected by this skill also gain a damage buff called Major Force. This buff increases your Critical Damage by 20% for 10 seconds. While it's not the whole duration of the Ultimate, you will definitely see a difference in your boss's Health depletion, especially if you catch everyone within a 20-meter radius on your team. That way, everyone gets the buff.


Those are the Magicka skills that can heal and buff your allies in this build. But please feel free to mess around with all the morphs that have not been mentioned in this guide. ESO is customizable, allowing you to test whatever you want and find a build that helps you the most if this one doesn't.


Passive Abilities

Passive abilities are always active on your character as long as you purchase them with the necessary skill points. They are background buffs that you always have on your character. Here is a list of passive abilities used for this healer build:


All Passives of the Green Balance Skill Line

These passive skills focus on upgrading your healing abilities in all sorts of ways. To be specific, these passives include an increase in your healing capability by adding Major Mending and Minor Toughness to your healing abilities.


All Passives of the Restoration Staff Skill Line

The Restoration Staff passives upgrade all of your staff's healing abilities and increase your overall healing with them. These passives also restore extra Magicka to you through attacking or blocking with this weapon.


All Passives of the Light Armor Skill Line

Light Armor passives upgrade your skills while wearing multiple pieces of this type of armor. These skills also increase your healing and resistance to incoming spells.


All Passives of the Undaunted Skill Line

The Undaunted Skill Line will increase specific things like how effective your armor is or how strong your synergies are for the team. This skill line is very important for a healer.


All Passives of the Breton Race Skill Line

The Breton's racial skills focus on increasing your Magicka reserves and recovery. You can also use High Elf, which increases damage instead of recovery. Since spell damage is tied to heals directly, High Elves will be stronger with better spell damage.


All Passives of the Support Skill Line

Among the skills of this line, Magicka Aid is the only one that can increase your recovery of Magicka by 10%, keeping your Magicka up for constant healing.


Just remember, it's a good rule of thumb to obtain all of your passive abilities from every single tree that directly affects your play style. Sometimes, some crossovers make doing what you do ten times easier and more efficient.


All the Active Effects You Get from This Skill Setup

With the setup mentioned above, you are currently running the following buffs with skills and passives alone:


•    Major Resolve and Minor Resolve increase your physical and spell resistance by quite a bit.


•    Minor Berserk increases everyone's damage by 5%.


•    Minor Toughness is also applied to the team, which increases their Health by 10%.


•    Major Courage and Major Force increase Weapon and Spell Damage and Critical by 20%.


•    Minor Endurance and Minor Intellect give you and your team 15% Magicka and Stamina recovery.


•    Major Mending is for you, but technically, it's for your team, as it increases your healing done to them by 16%. That is a huge number, and you'll always be doing that as a Warden healer as long as you heavy attack properly and frequently.


•    Minor Lifesteal and Minor Magickasteal give your team Health and Magcika back at a certain rate as soon as you curse an enemy and the team hits that enemy.


•    Major Prophecy, Major Savagery, Major Brutality, and Major Sorcery are the most important in your class. The first two increase your Weapon and Spell Critical, which also increases your healing critical. Major Brutality and Major Sorcery increase your Weapon and Spell Damage by 20%, which also increases your healing by 20%. 


Those are some of the best skills you will need when playing as a healer in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you like this video, please don't forget to subscribe to Bologna's channel for more future content.


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