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ESO Alchemy Power Leveling Guide

By Michel Z2022-02-17

Alchemy is a Crafting profession that allows you to get money fast in ESO by making valuable potions and poisons. In this guide, ViciousViolette shows you how to get Alchemy to level 50 within 20 minutes in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Why You Should Power Level Alchemy

If you are a very casual player or just play the game and learn about the lore of ESO, there's no need to power level. But if you want to get into end-game content or plan to make money in ESO through the Guild Traders, you want to do power leveling.


Preparation Work

Before power leveling, you will have to spend several hours preparing your character. To power level in 20 minutes or less, you need to do some preparation work. Once you've done everything on the list, you can begin power leveling.


1. Get Certified

You first need to get certified in Alchemy by speaking to Danel Telleno in your Faction city and completing his two quests. 


2. Get Seven Skill Points

After being certified, you must ensure you have seven unused Skill Points. If you don't have any unused Skill Points or are short of a few, then it is recommended to farm for Skyshards since three Skyshards give you one Skill Point.


The best places to farm Skyshards are on the larger maps like Glenumbra, Auridon, and Stonefalls, which are open for everyone no matter what faction you are. All the large maps in ESO contain 16 Skyshards (Cryodiil, as an exception, has more Skyshards than 16). Six of the Skyshards in these maps are in Delves, one is in the Public Dungeon, and the rest are out in the open and pretty easy to get.


Going into the Delves and Public Dungeons is recommended to absorb those Skyshards because you have to kill enemy NPCs and mobs as you go through them. By doing that, you will gain XP, allowing you to level up faster. Also, as you level up, you gain Skill Points, which means fewer Skyshards for you to farm for your power leveling. 


This whole process should only take about an hour if you stay focused and don't get distracted by other things like completing quests, helping friends or guildmates, and farming Crafting materials. You can also ask a friend or guildmates to help you farm Skyshards. 


3. Get the Necessary Crafting Materials

The final step in preparing to power level is to gather the necessary Crafting materials in ESO. For the reagents, you'll need 232 Scrib Jelly and 232 Spider Eggs; For the solvents, you'll need 19 Ichor, 37 Slime, 44 Gall, 55 Terebinthine, 59 Pitch-Bile, 9 Tarblack, and 9 Night-Oil.


There are three ways to gather the required Crafting materials:

1. You can ask friends and guildmates for materials. Your friends may give them to you for free, and your guildmates may give the materials to you for free or charge you a small fee.


2. You can buy materials through the many Guild Traders around Tamriel. Buying from Traders will cost you a lot of ESO gold that you may or may not have access to.


3. You can also farm materials by yourself. It will cost you time, but the reagents and solvents you'll get are free, and you can also earn some gold from the loot. 


Scrib Jelly comes from Kwama, and Spider Eggs come from Spiders, and these reagents are the easiest to farm. 


For the solvents, the best recommendation is to purchase them from Guild Traders or get them from friends or guildmates because farming for each one is dependent on your skill level. It's fairly inexpensive, and after farming for Scrib Jelly and Spider Eggs, you should have collected plenty of gold to buy the solvents. You can use the Tamriel Trade Centre website or add-on to look for the best prices.


Once you've got your Alchemy certification, gathered the necessary Crafting materials, and obtained the seven unused Skill Points, you are ready to power level. 


How to Power Level Alchemy in ESO


Level 10 Alchemy

When you get to an Alchemy Station, the first thing you want to do is add your reagents because these are the two items that will remain the same throughout the entire process.


ESO Alchemy Power Leveling Guide p1 reagents


Next, you will want to add the Ichor as the first solvent and mix it with the reagents to create a Gradual Health Drain Poison . The moment you get the poison, you will also discover Traits and level up your Alchemy. You will craft a total of 19 Gradual Health Drain PoisonⅡto reach level 10.


ESO Alchemy Power Leveling Guide p2 solvent


Once you've reached level 10, go to your skill tree and invest your first Skill Point into Solvent Proficiency in the Alchemy skill line. 


ESO Alchemy Power Leveling Guide p3 adding skill points to solvent proficiency


Level 20 Alchemy

The next solvent you want to use is Slime. You need to craft 37 Gradual Health Drain Poison Ⅲ to get to level 20. Once you do that, go back into your skill tree to invest another Skill Point into Solvent Proficiency to get it to rank 3.


Level 30 Alchemy

To get to level 30, you need to add your third solvent, Gall, to craft 44 Gradual Health Drain Poison Ⅳ, and then invest another Skill Point into Solvent Proficiency to get it to rank 4.


Level 40 Alchemy

The fourth solvent to add is Terebinthine. You will craft 55 Gradual Health Drain PoisonⅤfor level 40 Alchemy and put another Skill Point into Solvent Proficiency.


Level 48 Alchemy

For level 48, you need to craft 59 Gradual Health Drain Poison Ⅵ, using your fifth solvent, Pitch-Bile. Also, put another Skill Point into Solvent Proficiency and increase its rank to 6.


Level 49 Alchemy

To reach level 49, you want to make nine Gradual Health Drain Poison Ⅶ by mixing Tarblack and the reagents. After that, spend another Skill Point to increase your Solvent Proficiency rank to 7. 


Level 50 Alchemy

Add your final solvent, Night Oil, and make nine Gradual Health Drain Poiso Ⅷ to increase your Alchemy to level 50. Congratulations! You are now a Master Alchemist. Don't forget to go back into your skill tree and invest the last Skill Point in Solvent Proficiency to get it to rank 8.


If you happen to have additional Skill Points to use, you can use them in Medicinal Use, Chemistry, or other passive abilities you want.


That is how to power level your Alchemy in ESO. If you found this guide helpful, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to ViciousViolette's channel. Also, please keep checking back on this news page for more ESO tips and tricks


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