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ESO Money Making: Best Overland Sets to Farm

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Farming Overland sets is one of the best ways to get rich in The Elder Scrolls Online while playing the game. In this guide, ArzyeL Gaming lists some better and more popular Overland sets that will fetch better prices when you sell them to other players. Each set drops in a specific zone, and you have to defeat specific types of enemies to earn certain pieces. 

Where to Farm Overlands Sets


•    Delve bosses have a chance to drop a Waist or Feet piece. 

•    World boss will always drop a Head, Chest, Legs, or Weapon.

•    Public dungeon bosses have a chance to drop a Shoulders, Hand, or Weapon piece.

•    Dolmen and other world event chests will always drop a Ring or Necklace.

•    Treasure chests and Psijic Portals have a chance to drop any piece. This is the only way to get jewelry for specific sets in some zones, making them even more valuable. 


Most Valuable and Popular Overland Sets at the Moment


Briarheart: Wrothgar Zone (Orsinium DLC required)

Briarheart is a powerful DPS set mainly used for Stamina solo builds. Its jewelry piece is extremely valuable since it drops from chests and portals in the area.


Spinner's Garments: Malabal Tor Zone

Spinner's Garments is a powerful Magicka DPS set mostly used in no-CP PvP.


War Maiden: Vvardenfell Zone (Morrowind DLC required)

War Maiden is a strong PvE/PvP set for Magicka DPS builds that rely on Magic damage.


Stygian: Coldharbour Zone

Stygian is a potent set for Gank PvP since it boosts damage when you leave sneak. Its jewelry pieces can be sold for a good amount of coins.


Bright-Throat's Boast: Murkmire Zone (Murkmire DLC required)

Bright-Throat's Boast is a great set to boost Maximum Magicka and recovery. It is a good option for PvE and CP PvP, and its jewelry is very valuable.


Mother's Sorrow: Deshaan

Mother's Sorrow is one of the top options for PvE Magicka DPS, and you can sell its weapons and jewelry for great prices in the game.


Bahraha's Curse: Hew's Bane Zone (Thieves Guild DLC required)

Bahraha's Curse is available in light, medium, and heavy. This is a valuable set used in PvP or PvE builds, but it is most useful as a Tank set for PvE. 


Eternal Vigor: Western Skyrim Zone (Greymoor DLC required)

Eternal Vigor is a potent heavy PvP set that can boost the recovery of a character's Attributes and help them survive easier. It is also a decent Tank set for PvE.


Mark of the Pariah: Wrothgar Zone (Orsinium DLC required)

Mark of the Pariah is another strong Overland set used in PvE Tanking and PvP builds.


Armor of the Trainee: Starter Zone (Khenarthi's Roost, Stros M'kai, Betnith, Bleakrock Island, Bal Foyen)

Armor of the Trainee is a great 3-piece set to complement builds with Mythic items/ability altering weapons.


The sets above may be the most popular, but they are not the only ones that can net you a decent amount of money. Below is a list of more Overland sets you can farm for gold:


•    Swamp Raider (Shadowfen): PvP – Gank 

•    Hexos Ward (Deadlands, Deadlands DLC required): PvE

•    Defiler (Vvardenfell, Morrowind DLC require): PvP

•    Syvarra's Scales (Hew's Bane, Thieves Guild DLC required): PvP

•    Crafty Alfiq (Northern Elsweyr, Elsweyr DLC required): PvE – PvP 

•    Way of Martial Knowledge (Craglorn): PvP – PvE

•    Spriggan's Thorns (Bangkorai): PvP – PvE

•    Necropotence (Rivenspire): PvE

•    Mad Tinkerer (Clockwork City, Clockwork City DLC required), PvP – PvE

•    Sword-Singer (Alik'r Desert): PvE – PvP

•    Plague Doctor (Deshaan): PvE

•    Warrior-Poet (Vvardenfell, Morrowind DLC required): PvE


Improve the Quality of Set for a Higher Price

You can sell those sets in the quality you get them, but if you have the materials or can afford to improve their quality, you will make more profit.


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