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Top 9 Items to Prepare for Elden Ring DLC

By Shirley Huang
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Since Elden Ring official site announced the new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC release date, MmoGah's orders about Elden Ring runes and items have been increasing daily and have surged recently.

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Why Is Such A High Demand for Items and Runes?

With the new DLC expansion's release approaching, players are collecting a variety of Elden Ring items and resources to ensure they are well-prepared for the new challenges and content. Here we share a general list of items that can help players get ready:


Runes for Leveling Up

Runes Elden Ring can enhance your skills and abilities in the DLC. Accumulate runes to level up your character. Higher levels can make a significant difference in new areas, especially for the tougher enemies.


Upgrade and Crafting Materials

Collect Smithing Stones, Somber Stone Bell Bearings, and other materials required for weapon and armor upgrades. These weapons and armor can improve your stats, resistances, and special effects, as well as change your appearance. High-level upgrades will be crucial for dealing with more powerful adversaries. Stockpile crafting materials for arrows, bolts, throwing knives, and other useful consumables. Being able to craft these items can be extremely helpful in long explorations.


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Healing Items

Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears can be used to upgrade the Flasks of Crimson Tears and Flasks of Cerulean Tears. These flasks are essential for restoring health and FP, which will be crucial for surviving the new challenges in the DLC.


Crystal Tears can be used to obtain the Flask of Wondrous Physick, a rare item that can heal both health and FP at the same time.


Status Effect Remedies

Items like Neutralizing Boluses, Immunizing Cured Meat, and various other remedies for poison, rot, bleed, and frost are useful to have on hand, given FromSoftware's penchant for challenging environments.



Gather a variety of talismans to adapt to different situations. Defensive talismans, in particular, might be valuable if the DLC introduces new elemental attacks or status effects.


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Spells and Incantations

Collecting a wide array of spells and incantations can provide strategic flexibility. Ensure you have offensive, defensive, and utility spells at your disposal.


Quest Items

Complete current quests and collect any unique items or rewards they offer. Some quests may provide unique abilities, summons, or items not available elsewhere.


Keepsakes and Keys

Ensure you've collected important keys and keepsakes from the base game that could potentially unlock new areas or items in the DLC.


Spirit Ashes

Ashes of War can be used to unlock new skills and abilities at the Shrine of the Fallen. These skills and abilities can provide various advantages in combat, such as increased damage, defense, speed, or elemental effects.

Upgrade your Spirit Ashes, as having powerful summons can drastically change the tide of battle, especially in tough boss fights or when exploring dangerous areas.


Moreover, you can explore unfinished areas. The DLC might introduce new connections or reasons to revisit old locations. Consider refining your character build or experimenting with new builds to adapt to potential new playstyles introduced in the DLC.


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