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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Release Date Confirmed, New Content, and Preparation Tips

By Shirley Huang
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Good News! Elden Ring's next highly-anticipated expansion - Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will come on June 21, 2024.


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The new expansion will introduce new bosses & enemies, areas, mechanics, equipment, weapons, armor, NPCs & questlines, and skills for the players to use, significantly expanding the lore and gameplay. The DLC will feature a new large landmass with a different-looking Erdtree covered in shrouds, casting the land in darkness. The player will be able to travel between different regions using fast travel points, similar to the main game.

The Regions Will Include:

Lava Fields

A volcanic area with rivers of lava, geysers, and ash. The player will encounter fire-based enemies, such as burning metal wire constructs, fire elementals, and dragons.

A murky swamp with poisonous water, vines, and fungi. The player will encounter swamp-based enemies, such as giant leeches, crocodiles, and witches.


Ruins of the Haligtree

A large ruin complex with ancient architecture, traps, and puzzles. The player will encounter ruin-based enemies, such as stone giants, golems, and specters.


Glowing Forest

A subterranean forest with bioluminescent plants, crystals, and insects. The player will encounter forest-based enemies, such as spiders, moths, and fairies.


Shadow of the Erdtree

The final area where the shrouded Erdtree stands. The player will encounter the main antagonist, Messmer the Impaler, who is the guardian and possibly Miquella's son. He wields a large spear and can summon shadows to aid him.


Some of the New Weapons Are:

Dual Reverse-grip Curved Blades: A pair of curved blades that are held in reverse grip, allowing for fast and agile attacks.

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Daggers that Can Be Thrown: A set of daggers that can be thrown at enemies, dealing damage and causing bleeding.

Large Repeating Crossbow: A crossbow that can fire multiple bolts in rapid succession, dealing high damage at long range.

Huge Throwable Exploding Pots: A pot filled with an explosive substance can be thrown at enemies, causing a large explosion and fire damage.


Some of the New Skills Are:

Martial Arts: A skill that allows the player to use unarmed combat, such as punches, kicks, and throws, dealing high damage and breaking enemy defenses.

Butterfly Magic: A skill that summons a swarm of pink butterflies that explode on contact, dealing high magic damage and causing confusion.

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Shadow Manipulation: A skill that allows the player to manipulate the shadows around them, creating illusions, traps, and projectiles.


To Prepare for the DLC, You Can Do Some of the Following Things:

Finish the main game and any optional content, such as side quests, bosses, and dungeons, to gain Elden Ring runes, experience, and items.


Level up their character and upgrade their gear, especially fire-resistant and shadow-resistant equipment, to be ready for new challenges and enemies.


Save up some gold and resources, such as healing items, consumables, and crafting materials, to be able to buy and craft new Elden Ring items and runes in the DLC.


Research and plan their character build, rotation, and gear for the DLC, as some of the stats, talents, and abilities may be changed or added to the DLC.


Watch some video tutorials or guides that show how to access and play the DLC, as well as tips and tricks for each area, boss, and enemy.


These are some of the new features and preparation tips for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. I hope this information is helpful to you.




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