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  • Elden Ring: The Best Rare Drops and How to Get Them
    By Bosbone2022-08-15 00:00:00

    FromSoftware's most recent and significant project has raised the standard for open-world games. Elden Ring truly is a gorgeous and item-rich game. There are so many items in Elden Ring, and some of them manage to go beneath the radar, for good reasons, too, because some of these items require hours or even days of grinding, or they are just random drops from mysterious enemies with a less than 1% item drop rate. In this article, we will show you some of the rarest and best drops that you can acquire. So let's start.


    Noble's Slender Sword

    The Noble's Slender Sword is a weapon that has recently drawn a lot of attention. It is a highly desired sword, and some players even believe that it is the best in Elden Ring.

    Also, it is one of Elden Ring's longest straight swords, giving him a great reach. To use it, you need 8 points in Strength and 11 points in Dexterity.


    Elden Ring Drops-1


    Special Skill

    Square off (This skill allows players to launch an upward attack or a forward-thrust attack. In the right hands, this sword can be incredibly effective.)


    How to Find and Get It?

    There are different locations where you can find this sword. I recommend you to go to the Caelid Highway South grace, then head south to the graveyard. There you will find several Nobles that can drop this sword. Keep in mind that this is an extremely rare sword (0.5% drop rate), so it will take some time. In the meantime, you can purchase it in our store at a very affordable price.


    The Magma Blade

    The Magma Blade is a curved sword made from Mount Gelimir's lava. Maybe it is not the best weapon, but definitely, it's a powerful one, especially for players with high Dexterity. To use it, you will need 9 points in Strenght, 15 points in Dexterity, and 16 in Faith.


    Elden Ring Drops-2


    Special Skill

    Magma shower (a unique skill for the Magma Blade. It allows you to slash enemies while spreading magma all over the area. It costs 12 Focus Points)


    How to Find and Get It?

    The Volcano Manor is the location where you can find the Magma Blade, to be more precise, the Temple of Eiglay. There, you will have to kill a Man-Serpent (humanoid lizard) wielding the blade. Since there are only two of them in this area, it will take some time, maybe even hours of farming, because the drop rate is 1%. You can speed up the process by purchasing some Elden Ring Runes, which will help you develop your character even further.


    The Cleanrot Spear

    You must overcome many obstacles and slay enemies in order to acquire the Cleanrot Spear, as it is a rare and tough weapon to find. The Cleanrot spear is a weapon that deals both Physical and Holy damage. To use this weapon, you must have 16 points in Strenght and Dexterity and 14 points in Faith. Any enemy unlucky enough to get in its path will suffer severe damage from the Cleanrot Spear. This spear can achieve excellent scaling when fully upgraded.


    Unique Skill

    Sacred Phalanx (This is a unique skill only available for this weapon. It forms a palisade of golden spears in front of the player. This skill looks really amazing, and definitely one you should try.)


    How to Get It?

    The weapon is found in Caelid's sub-region Aeonia (Swamp of Aeonia). There, you will have to kill the Cleanrot Knights in order to get this weapon. Since the drop rate for this weapon is extremely low (under 1%), you will have to farm these mobs for hours. So be patient. It's definitely worth it.


    Night's Cavalry Set

    The Night's Cavalry set is a beautiful black armor set in Elden Ring. It is one of the most attractive medium armor sets in the game. Players can obtain it in the Consecrated Snowfield simply by killing the two Night's Cavaliers at night-time. Although the Night's Cavalry Set lacks any special passive bonuses, the components are customizable and provide excellent protection.


    Elden Ring Drops-3


    How to Get It?

    First, go to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, and switch the time from day to night-time. Then go southwest until you see a passing convoy. This convoy will be guarded by the two Cavaliers and some other enemies. Defeat these Cavaliers and you will get the Night's Cavalry Set, as well as an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.


    The Fire Monk Set

    The Fire Monk Set is a beautiful four-piece armor set in Elden Ring. It is similar to the Blackflame Monk Set but with a stronger damage negation. This set provides an excellent balance between magical and physical resistance.


    Where to Find It?

    There are several locations where you can farm this set. The most casual one is in Eastern Tableland. There you will find a Fire Monk Camp, located southwest of the Eastern Tableland Site of grace. You will have to kill the elite Fire Monk in this camp, but since this is a very rare item, the farming will take some time. I would suggest you kill this Monk as fast as possible because he has some decent special moves.


    The second location would be the Giant-Conquering Hero's Grave in Mountaintops of the Giants. Simply run down the stairs from the nearest grace, and there you will find a Fire Monk.


    The Watchdogs Greatsword

    This rare S-tier Colossal Sword that primarily emphasizes Strength is definitely a weapon you must try. This sword will help you attack several enemies with a single swing, which makes life easier. Since this weapon requires at least 30 points in Strength and 10 in Dexterity, classes like Herro or Warrior are suitable candidates. Apart from dealing physical and critical damage, it also increases your defense against magic attacks.


    How to Obtain It?

    The best location to get this sword is The Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs, east of the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace. From the Zamor Ruins, follow the route until you come to a group of enemies and the Fire Prelate. There you will find an entrance.  Once you are inside this dungeon, keep going until you reach the elevator. As soon as you activate this elevator, immediately exit it, and a second one will appear. This will take you to two Watchdogs, kill them both, and you will obtain the sword. If you struggle with some enemies in this game, here you can find some useful Tips and Tricks that will help you.


    The Beast Champion Set

    This unique armor is a hefty four-piece set with a gorgeous design. Due to its extreme weight, this armor set offers incredibly high Poise, resistance, and damage negation, and because of that, it is an A-tier armor. Additionally, the Beast Champion set goes along beautifully with other armor set pieces, especially if you are a fashion nerd. 


    Elden Ring Drops-4


    How to Obtain It?

    This armor set is rather simple to obtain. Just head to Warmaster's Shack, located in Stormhill, and kill Knight Bernhai. He will eventually drop the entire armor set and his Devourer's Scepter (Warhammer), which is also a decent weapon.


    The Hoslow's Armor Set

    The fashion nerds will definitely love this one. The Hoslow's Set is one of the finest heavy armor sets in the game, and to be honest, it is so easy to miss it. It is a four-piece armor set that provides excellent physical and magical resistance while being lighter than other heavy armor sets. Hoslow's set is generally best suited to any player that emphasizes Strength, and the classes that will benefit the most are the warrior, vagabond, and the hero.


    How to Get It?

    This is the trickiest part, and it will definitely take some time. In essence, you must kill an NPC called Juno Hoslow. It doesn't seem that difficult, right? Well, here is the tricky part. In order to kill this NPC, you must complete a quest called Volcano Manor. On this page, you can find the complete guide for this quest.


    The Frozen Needle

    I think we can agree on one thing, a weapon's status effects are what set it apart from average weapons. The Frozen Needle is a rare thrusting sword, and in the right hands, it can be special. It deals great frost damage to enemies and certain Bosses. This is an excellent technique to ease the fight if you are having trouble with them. If you build Strength and Dexterity, this is a must-have, but to be able to use it, a deadly warrior is needed. It also requires 11 points in Strength and 18 points in Dexterity.


    Elden Ring Drops-5


    Special Skill

    Impaling Thrust (unleashes a powerful lunging attack that can slash through shields and dislodge enemies)


    How to Get It?

    First, you must go to Kingsrealm Ruins, which is in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, and head northwest of this area. Behind some bushes, you will find a hidden entrance that can be opened by an attack or simply by rolling into it. This will uncover the stairs, so just go down and enter the secret area through the fog. Get ready to battle one of the game's most fearsome and aggressive enemies, the Royal Revenant.


    Beware of its flailing limbs and poisonous spit. Once you have defeated the Royal Revenant, open the entrance in the back. There you will find a chest with the Frozen Needle in it.


    The Thorn Whip

    The Thorn Whip is excellent and probably one of the best in the game.  This weapon is customizable, and it enables you to put your own Ashes of War. It requires 16 Points in Dexterity and 8 points in Strength. Additionally, it causes blood loss, similar to Hoslow's Petal Whip. The Thorn Whip is a rare and missable weapon, so you will need to do the following steps to obtain it.


    How to Get It?

    You will have to kill the Fire Prelate wielding the Whip. He is located close to the Giant's Mountaintops Catacombs Site of Grace in the Mountaintops of the Giants. The Fire Prelate can be very tricky, so I suggest you clear the nearby enemies first.


    Bull-Goat Armor Set

    This beautiful set is one of the most durable ones in Elden Ring. As we know, the majority of them increase specific defensive attributes, and additionally, some of them offer unique abilities. The Bull Goat armor set is a unique four-piece set that significantly raises your Poise and Defense status. It can withstand almost all attacks, making it ideal for players who prefer toughness over agility, so if you want additional damage resistance, this set is for you.


    Elden Ring Drops-6


    How to Get It?

    First, go to the Murkwater Cave, and enter the golden fog wall inside the cave. You will see a chest located inside the cave. You have to open it as that will trigger a boss fight with Patches. Instead of killing him in this fight, merely reduce his health to about 50% until he gives up, and then he will turn into an NPC.


    Your next destination is the Volcano Manor, where you must talk to Tanith and join the Volcano Manor. You will then receive the Drawing Room Key from her. Pick up the letter and finish the first assassination task. After you finish the task, you must talk to Patches to receive the Letter Patches.


    Your next destination is the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Site of Grace, where you must kill the Magma Wyrm. After you defeat him, rest in the nearest Site of Grace. Then find a red summon sign, which is directly behind the site. It will teleport you to an enemy called Great Horned Tragoth. Kill him, and the Bull-Goat Armor set is yours.


    And that would be it. We hope that we have chosen some items you haven't already heard about. There are plenty of other awesome rare drops in Elden Ring, and those were some of our top picks.