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  • Elden Ring Tank Build - Face Your Toughest Enemies with Pride
    By abubakarawanb4d2022-08-03 00:00:00

    Tanking in Elden Ring isn’t like any other game, there is versatility here. Either you can go for something unique that is like a brick in front of enemies or you can make something that just doesn’t die. Here in this Elden Ring Tank Build guide, we are going to discuss the Best Tank Builds in Elden Ring that even your enemies will bow down to. So, without any further delay, let’s just hop onto the details.


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    Before we go into the details, you can purchase mentioned items through runes in Elden Ring.


    Type of Tank Builds

    There are two ways you can go in Elden Ring; either you can make a build that takes all the Damage and resists it, or you can make a build that heals regularly to keep alive. Both have their fair share of benefits, but there is a bit of difference in the path you select.

    Below, we have both of them figured out for you;


    Melee Tank Build for Tanking

    Class Selection

    Classes in Elden Ring are mainly based on Class Selection. For the Melee Tank Build, you need to Pick Hero Class as it has both the required Strength and the Endurance to help you take heavy hits.


    Hero is a beginner class that is also easy to play with if you are considerably new to the game itself and getting started with the things. Along with the more tanky side Attributes, it has more focus on Vigor and Strength.


    Elden Ring Tank Build-2


    The great thing about Hero Class is that it also has a way for Arcane and if you want to make a magical character, you can easily make it. Finally, you can easily use the equipment for making a great Tank Build from the start of the game, instead of the end.


    Attribute Selection

    For the Tank Build, you will have to focus on Strength and Endurance. Well, you might ask, what are the reasons? If you don’t go for the Endurance, you won’t have enough stamina to run with the equipment, let alone, your character can’t even wear the heavy armor for tanking if there isn’t any capacity.


    In Simple Words, Endurance is essential for keeping your character Agile while also wearing Heavy Equipment for Tanking. Strength is also essential because you don’t want to only tank in Elden Ring.


    The enemies are programmed in a way that they will always be equal to or stronger than you. This is how things are in Elden Ring! So, to survive, it is essential to have enough Damage to hit the enemies while you tank their hits. Simply, Strength increases the numbers of Damage to weapons.


    Arcane Points should be 34

    Vigor Points should be 46

    Faith Points should be 9

    Ming Points should be 10

    Intelligence Points should be 9

    Endurance Points should be 34

    Dexterity Points should be 14

    Strength Points should be 48


    Equipment Selection for Melee Tank Build

    Weapon Selection

    You can pick any weapon that goes well with Strength, but our recommendations are:


    Sacred Buther Knife: For the Tank Build, this weapon is butter, as it has incredible Strength leveling and comes with combo attacks. What more are you looking for in an amazing weapon?


    Elden Ring Tank Build-3


    Great Stars is a Great Hammer in Elden Ring. If you don’t want to carry a knife with you, you can go for the Great Stars, which is a Hammer of massive size. It is great for breaking the enemy armor, while sometimes it can even put them on the ground, for you to have an amazing entry. The craziest thing about this Hammer is that it perfectly scales with Strength. If you are going for a pure Tank Build, even your enemies will fear, you can go for this Great Hammer.


    Armor Selection

    Same as always, your choice should be something that provides defense and resistance to players. You can change things around to have more agility or more poise with heavy armor. But, in our recommendation, the best ones are Veteran’s Armor: This is the best choice out there for pure Melee Tank Combat. You simply can’t go wrong with this armor if you have enough Attributes to wear it without literally crawling on the floor. It has one of the greatest resistances, damage negations, Poise, and defense and it is also amongst the heaviest.


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    Talisman Selection

    Godskin Swaddling Cloth: This here is the perfect choice for any Melee Tank Build, as it gets you back some HP after a successive attack. It only works for the melee tank attacks (Consecutive) and you can find it from Spirit Callers Cave. There is a Spirit Caller Snail that will call upon both the Godskin Noble and Apostle in an encounter with the boss.


    Dragon Crest Shield Talisman: Your second choice here is Dragon Crest Shield Talisman. This will allow you to have a reduction in physical Damage taken from enemies, while you also have an upgradation here. You can find it from Bastial Sanctum below Cliffs Surroundings.


    Skill Selection

    The extra Skills in Elden Ring help you out in combat. Here, you can use the Ask of War Barricade Shield to block the enemy attacks or tank them. It is an incredible skill to use in a Tank Build like this.


    Healer Tank Build for Tanking

    Class Selection

    Here, for the Healer Tank Build, you can go with anything you like, as long as there is Strength and Endurance here. There is no limitation here unlike the Melee Tank Build. If you want to pick Hero Class, you are wide open.


    Attribute Selection

    You can go for the same Attribute Selection as Melee Tank Build, but one thing to keep in mind is Faith. Yes, you not only have to put some points in Faith, rather it is more important than both Strength and Endurance. You might ask why? Well, Faith can pump the healing buff you will apply to yourself and also enhance your Damage.


    Arcane Points should be 32

    Vigor Points should be 48

    Faith Points should be 26

    Mind Points should be 10

    Intelligence Points should be 9

    Endurance Points should be 37

    Dexterity Points should be 12

    Strength Points should be 50


    Equipment Selection for Healer Tank Build

    Weapon Selection

    Rotten Crystal Sword: For the Healer Tank Build, you can go for this specific Weapon, as it doesn’t weigh much and has single-hand usability. You can also go for any typical sword here with which you can do the spinning attacks.


    Armor Selection

    Twinned Armor: Yes, this specific set of armor is the greatest equipment you can have for the Tank Build with Healing. It is not only exceptionally defensive, but rather it is also resistant. The best thing is that it isn’t heavy, and will allow you to have a lot of agility to quickly move around and heal yourself.


    Elden Ring Tank Build-4


    Talisman Selection

    Dragon Crest Great shield Talisman: This is the upgraded version of the Dragon Crest Shield Talisman. You can find it at the same location, but you will have to upgrade it afterward. So, this Talisman will provide you with a 20 percent damage reduction from enemy attacks.


    Skill Selection

    Ash of War Barricade Shield: Same as before, you can go for this specific Ash of War, as it suites incredibly with the Healer Tank Build. Your used shield will have more defensive properties, while you can deflect attacks effortlessly with it.


    Golden Vow: To buff yourself, you will have to pick the Ash of War Golden Vow. It not only enhances your Defensive abilities but also gives you buff on your attacks. Sometimes it is hard finding everything in the vast world of Elden Ring, so you can simply purchase Elden Ring items for Tank Build from the link.


    Play Style with Elden Ring Tank Build

    Finally, it comes to the Play Style. With the Elden Ring Melee Tank Build, you will have to simply tank attacks from enemies and attack them side by side. Simply, Tanking and Attacking is your strategy here.


    For the Healer Tank Build, you will have to use some tactics. You aren’t that much stronger and damage dealer healer. Rather, you will have to use your healing spells to heal yourself. When the enemies are attacking you, dodge them or tank them. Then heal yourself and start attacking them again. This is the strategy here.


    Final Verdict

    Tank Build in Elden Ring is versatile and you can pretty much mix it with anything you want to. Either go for the deadly tank build where you do melee damage and tank the attacks or you become useful for your PvP team, healing yourself and your group while tanking.


    In the end, you can always add a pinch of your creativity into the mix, it always makes your character shine. Here we have Elden Ring Tank Builds Guide to help you make a great Melee and Healer Tank Build.


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