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Elden Ring Paladin Build Guide

abubakarawanb4d July 19th, 2022 Elden Ring    Elden Ring Runes    Elden Ring Items    Elden Ring Runes/Items Help   

Paladins are just a more advanced version of Melee Builds, focusing more on the Incantation side of Elden Ring. While introducing Melee with Magic isn’t always the most favorable decision, Paladin Build makes sure that you get the absolute best of both worlds. For the people who want to make a Faith Build that comes around with Spell, Incantations, and Heavy armory, then Paladins is your best bet. For that specific reason, we have here an Elden Ring Paladins Build Guide to help you make the best out of your resources.


Elden Ring paladin -1


An easy way to get the items for this build is to get those Elden Ring Runes. For the most part, you can effortlessly get them to save your time from farming it. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into the details of this guide.


Class Selection for Paladins Build

Class is the building block of any build in Elden Ring, and Paladins is no exception here. The important part is that Paladins Build is a mixture between Faith and other Attributes. So, you can go separate ways here.

Our recommendation for the Elden Ring Paladins Build is either Confessor Class or the Prophet Class. Both these classes have their respective pros and cons. Therefore, we will mention both of these in detail here in our Guide.

Confessor Class

Prophet Class


Confessor Paladins Build

The confessor is a common class in Elden Ring that most players like to go for. For the Paladins Build, we picked it solely because of its high Faith and then that further distribution of Physical Stats. You will play the game at around level 10 where you will get Kite Shield, Broadsword, and Finger Seal.


Elden Ring paladin -2


After Picking the Confessor Class, you need to pick the Keepsake. Our recommendation is in Golden Seed, as it provides you with 1 more Flask. Furthermore, you can use this Flask for Mana, or you can also go for the Health. To make Paladins Build with Confessor Class, you will need the following setup;


Attributes Selection

Your main Attributes are Strength and Faith, but at first, you will have to put some points on Strength, as Faith is already there with the Confessor. Strength also allows you to have better equipment at the start without having to suffer from difficult enemies.


After that, you can go for the Endurance, as you will have to carry heavy equipment and also require a lot of stamina in your Paladins Journey. In Short, you will have to put the points in this way;


Faith - 14

Vigor - 18

Dexterity - 12

Endurance - 15

Strength - 22


Equipment Required

Broad Sword: There is no need to waste your time on any other sword as this one has great reachability that keeps you alive in battles.


Armor: You can go for any Armor you like that doesn’t feel heavy. Keep in mind that the Armor should only be Mid or Light Roll and shouldn’t be Heavy Roll. This Build requires you to move freely while maintaining good durability.


Brass Shield: There is nothing better than the Brass Shield at early to mid-game. It works flawlessly for both aggressive and safe play styles. But the best style is to wait for your opponent to strike and then counter-attack. Just make sure that you use Brass Shield to block heavy attacks and move quickly for an attack on enemies.


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Spells and Skills

Urgent Heal Spells: For the most part, you only need Healing Spells for the Paladins Build, especially with the Confessor Class. Out of the bunch, you can go for the Urgent Heal Spells that can quickly heal you along with your allies.


Feast Upon Fire: For the Attacking, you will have to go for the Feast Upon Fire that deals damage at some range. Whereas the damage is great, you also deal fire damage to your enemies. It has great casting time and takes a medium amount of mana.


Ash of War Quickstep: Survival is essential with the Confessor Class, and therefore, you also need the Ash of War Quickstep to move out of the way of your foes with minimum delay.


Ash of War: Golden Vow: For the Buffing, you will need that Ash of War Golden Vow as it enhances both your defense and damage.


Prophet Paladins Build

One of the most famous Classes to pick in Elden Ring, the Prophet Class has a lot of Faith and then divides focus between Arcane and Strength. It is a middle difficulty level Class that starts at around level 7, providing you with Finger Seal, Spear, and a small Shield. Mostly, Prophet is used for Magic Builds, but it works flawlessly with your Paladins Build as well because of Incantation use.


Elden Ring paladin -3


For the Prophet Class, you also need to have the Golden Seed Keepsake, and the reason is also the same. To make Paladins Build with Prophet Class, you will need the following setup;


Attribute Selection

For the Prophet Class, you should focus more on the Power (Magic Power to be precise). So, your best bet is to invest in Faith and Intelligence. The reason for investing in these respective attributes is also to enhance your spells that deal damage. In simple words, you can invest the points like this;


Faith - 20

Vigor - 20

Dexterity - 10

Endurance - 10

Strength - 16

Intelligence- 19

Mind - 15


Equipment Required

One-Handed Weapon: For the Paladin Class Paladins Build, you don’t need to worry about the weapon. Any Single-Handed Weapon will do great, as your main damage dealer are spells, and maintaining distance is essential here


Crucible Armor: For the Paladin Build, you will require the Crucible Armor as it has exceptional Magic and Physical Defense Stats. At the same time, the best part about it is its scaling with Strength that works flawlessly with the whole Build and Class.


Leather Shield: You do require a shield for your defense here, and the best one is Leather Shield because of its Weight Defense Ratio. It is light, easy to move around with, and has a great defense.


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Spell and Skills

Beast Claw Spell: To deal damage, you will have to get your hands on the Beast Claw Spell. This is a summoning spell that summons a claw, dealing massive damage to enemies on its impact, while it also has that long range.


Feast Upon Fire: Well, this Spell is also used with the Confessor Class and has the same reason for damage dealing.


Healing: Finally, you require some healing with you to survive. Any Healing Spell works fine, as long as you can properly use it in any condition.


Ash of War Holy Ground: For the Paladins Build, you need a great combination of both spells and swords. To buff yourself and your allies, you can simply use Holy Ground, and all in the area will get Defense/Heal Boost.


Elden Ring paladin -4


Final Verdict

Paladin is a build where heavy weaponry meets magic, either to survive or to deal massive damage at once. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your weight and defense matter as well. Having Ranged Attacks can’t always save you from enemies in Elden Ring; you also need a good defense to survive. To make things easier and give you detail over every segment, we have here Elden Ring Paladins Build Guide.


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