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  • Diablo IV Class Guide - Best Class to Play in Season 1
    By Shirley Huang2023-07-13 00:00:00

    Which class are you going to play for Season 1? Now many players are debating this question. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, playstyles, and builds, so it's hard to decide. Here I will share each class's advantages and disadvantages, and you should choose the class that suits your playstyle and preferences the most.


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    Druid - A Class Dependent on Gear

    Druid is a versatile class that can shapeshift between human, werewolf, and werebear forms. They can use melee attacks, elemental magic, and summon animal companions. The Druid is considered to be the best class for Season 1 by many players, as they have high damage potential, survivability, and mobility. The Pulverize and Shred builds are especially powerful for the Druid.


    Druid is the most brutal part in the early game, like level 1 to 50, and it gets better. I had problems leveling Druid at the start every single time I played it. A lot of times, I was often beaten to pieces, which isn't a good leveling start. People have figured out the good leveling starts like Tornado or Landslide, so it's a little bit easier, but more importantly, when we go into Season 1 - Altars of Lilith, their stats can carry over. Make another Druid and do exactly the same things you did right when you started the game beginning. It will be easier, and all your Altars of Lilith's stats will go with you, so you're just factually objectively stronger right in the beginning.


    It also has some of the best variety and some of the most fun in the builds. I can recommend if you're debating playing Druid in the very beginning, it gets a thumb-up seal of approval. I think it's going to be good in Season 1.


    Barbarian - A Reliable and Powerful Option

    Barbarian is a reliable and powerful class that excels at melee combat. They can use various weapons, skills, and stances to deal massive damage and tank hits. The Barbarian is also popular for Season 1, as they can speed farm materials and progress quickly. The Whirlwind build is one of the most well-known and effective builds for the Barbarian.


    This class requires in-game currency. As you know, making in-game currency in Diablo IV isn't easy. You can farm gold by yourself or buy fast and cheap Diablo 4 gold from a reliable site like MMOGAH.


    It's going to be Pigeonholed into shouts much like the Sorcerer will be Pigeonholed into defensive abilities, so for that reason, if you don't like the concept of the Sorcerer kind of using all of these almost mandatory types of skills, you might not like the Barbarian.


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    The core skills feel really good. If you like to do Whirlwind, I have played Whirlwind, and Barbarian was my primary class. Whirlwind has already been proven to be good. The Hammer of the Ancients is the fury skill. I'm using it to level, and it feels pretty good. Because it requires a two-handed blunt weapon, and it is supposed to be a good leveling build.


    Rogue - A Dark Horse

    Rogue is a dark horse class that has unmatched early-game power. They can use bows, daggers, swords, and traps to deal damage from close or far range. They can also use various poisons, bleeds, and status effects to weaken their enemies. The Rogue is a strong contender for the best season starter, but they may eventually be outpaced by the Druid and Barbarian. The Twisting Blades and Barrage builds are very potent for the Rogue.


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    Rogue is so good it makes me mad. Essentially, the Rogue is the funniest and the strongest, the earliest out of any class I have ever played in this game, and if you're the type of person that wants to play the new Season 1, just because you're trying to have a good time, I think the Rogue is going to be my top tier recommendation.


    Sorcerer - Best Ranged/AoE Class

    Sorcerer is the best ranged/AoE class that uses lightning, fire, and frost magic to annihilate waves of enemies. They can also use various runes and enchantments to enhance their spells and defenses. The Sorcerer has the lowest health of all classes, but they make up for it with their raw elemental damage. The Chain Lightning and Firewall builds are particularly devastating for the Sorcerer.


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    It's going to be really hard for me. Season 1's mechanic is going to be that these sockets here for your gems are replaced with colored sockets that you put in these things called Caged Hearts, which are effectively different aspects or legendary aspects almost.


    There are 32 new ones going into Season 1 really exciting because loot seems to be something that's a common feedback point. These sockets are located where you put your skulls in order to increase your armor. The reason you need armor on the Sorcerer is because resistances are kind of busted. Resistances aren't really working the way they intended, and intelligence is your primary stat on Sorcerer for increasing resistances, so you kind of need an arm in order to really be able to stay alive, and you can see what armor does.


    The Sorcerer could actually still really be good in Season 1. We have to wait and find out, but for me, it's gonna be a hard time to recommend Sorcerer. All of these classes are viable and can be played in the main game. All of them have cleared the Uber lowest Etc, so if you want to play Sorcerer, don't let my negativity about the Sorcerer push you away from it, and you should try it out.


    Necromancer - A Damage Dealer with Mobility Issues 

    Necromancers can use bone skills, curses, summons, and blood magic to deal damage and control the battlefield. They have great damage potential in endgame content, but they lack mobility and survivability compared to other classes. The Bloodsurge, Summoner, and Bone Spear builds are some of the best options for the Necromancer.


    Now Necromancer is the one that I'm actually debating about playing the most. I think Necromancer is going to be good at leveling, and it's like a full-blood build. I'm going 100% down blood everything and actually felt fine, it didn't do near as much damage as my build, but it felt perfectly fine, and actually, nowadays, my Necromancer is stronger than my Druid already, even though I haven't Min maxed in my Paragon board.


    If you're going to play Necromancer, I think it's perfectly fine. I really enjoy the class a lot, it might be my favorite class, and it's the one I'm leaning towards the most heavily going into Season 1. However, it isn't like Druid, which is kind of better in Season 1 because of the Altars of Lilith. The downside of Necromancer is mobility, and you can't get a lot of mobility.


    I have to have a lot of movement speed on things like boots or a necklace in order to be able to cap out movement speed and go fast enough to avoid its tuff. We don't really have anything than the vades and the blood Mist, which is a kind of immunity, not really a mobility type of move, so it's not like the Rogue where you're going to be hopping all around and feeling pretty good, so for that reason, if you don't like low mobility kind of squishy artillery style classes, maybe this one is not for you.


    Some of the content is quoted from DM's video.


    Choosing a suitable class is very important in Diablo IV. Fortunately, the game offers multiple builds to cater to different playstyles. With the right build, you can achieve insane damage numbers, regardless of the class. If you don't want to waste time grinding quests, you can easily level up your character with Diablo 4 boosting service.





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