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Diablo 4 Best DPS Class Build

By Danikhan2023-06-19

In Diablo 4, players have a variety of play style options to choose from. Players can either go the movement route and improve their movement so they can quickly make their way through dungeons. Players also have the option to go either the melee route or engage more in ranged combat. No matter what play style you prefer, there will be an option for you in Diablo 4.


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One of the main aspects that players are looking to improve is DPS. Maximizing DPS is crucial for players looking to dominate the game's challenging encounters. If a high DPS play style is what you are interested in, you are at the right place. Here are our picks for the best DPS builds in Diablo 4 for every class.


Rogue (Death Trap Build)

First up, we have the Rogue class. Many players would consider this the best DPS class in Diablo 4. They aren't wrong, considering how often Blizzard has nerfed the Rogue class with regular updates. Even if it isn't the Rogue class that has gotten the Nerf, the legendary powers that Rogues benefit from the most get nerfed in one way or the other. However, each class has its strengths and weaknesses. If you don't know which class to pick, you can check out our detailed guide on exactly that.


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If you want to inflict as much damage as possible by increasing your DPS to the max, then the best build for you is the Death Trap Rogue build. With this build, you don't only get high damage abilities. You also get crowd control abilities, which are paramount in games like Diablo 4, where you must deal with multiple enemies at a time in almost all fights and combat situations.


With this build, the most popular ability used by most Rogue players is the Twisting Blades. While this is one of those abilities that has been nerfed a lot by Blizzard, it is still powerful. Use Twisting Blades for increased movement speed and quickly move away from oncoming attacks in battles to avoid damage.


However, one drawback of the Twisting Blades is energy regeneration. Fortunately, this build also incorporates the Ravenous Aspect, which provides up to 70% energy regeneration. If you haven't tried this build, you are missing out on insane DPS potential. Try it now and see if it improves your DPS in Diablo 4.


Necromancer (Bone Spear Build)

Up next, we have the Necromancer class. According to what we have observed in Diablo 4 gameplay, one build that stands out amongst all others is the Bone Spear build. Many of you might be asking why Bone Spirit build isn't here instead of the Bone Spear. While the Bone Spirit Necromancer build can inflict high amounts of damage (over a million per hit), it also has a few problems. Because of those issues, not a lot of players use it.


Firstly, the Bone Spirit build has much higher requirements for it to work. You need more Diablo 4 items, which means you will require Diablo 4 gold, which in turn means more hours spent on acquiring those items. Secondly, the Bone Spirit relies heavily on essence generation. If you decide to go with the Bone Spirit build, you'll have to be very effective at managing your essence usage, or else you'll run out of it very soon in the middle of a fight.


On the other hand, the Bone Spirit build is much more consistent at inflicting damage. With this build, you don't have to worry about positioning either, unlike the Bone Spear build, where you must be very careful about when and where to unleash the burst damage.


Consistency of damage is probably the main reason for Bone Spear's popularity. This build achieves this consistency by maximizing critical chance. The Bone Spear build also pushes critical damage to extreme levels, with players getting damage numbers of tens of millions. The Bone Spear is an effective DPS build, and you should definitely try it out.


Barbarian (Hammer of the Ancients Build)

If you are looking for a Barbarian class build with exceptional DPS, then you should definitely consider the Hammer of the Ancients build. If you want to increase your DPS, then one of the best ways to do that is by increasing your damage. For the Barbarian class, no other build is as effective at increasing damage as the Hammer of the Ancients.


With the Hammer of the Ancients builds you can easily reach a damage output of over tens of millions with a single hammer hit. As is apparent from these numbers, this build is excellent for single-target damage. However, what this will build lacks is AOE damage.


You must keep in mind that increasing DPS by increasing single-target damage is not how the current meta of the game works. Instead, the current meta of Diablo 4 rewards players that have good mob-clearing capabilities. For that, you need better AOE damage.


However, if DPS is all you care about and you prefer a playstyle where you fight with a single enemy at a time, destroying them with one hit, this build is made for you. It will prove to be a formidable force for any single target coming your way. Try it out and see how it helps you with your DPS.


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Druid (Tornado Wolf Build)

Since DPS is short for damage per second, increasing DPS is not limited to increasing damage. If you improve your speed end clear out hordes of enemies much more quickly, you will effectively increase your DPS. Because of that, Tornado Wolf is one of the most popular DPS builds for the Druid in Diablo 4.


As the name suggests, the primary abilities of the Tornado Wolf have a lot to do with tornadoes. The Tornado Wolf can drop literal tornadoes and whirlwinds toward mobs of enemies. With the movement speed that comes with the Tornado Wolf build, players can swiftly clear out packs of enemies at an unparalleled pace.


The increased speed of the Tornado Wolf build doesn't just help improve the DPS of the Druid class. It also plays into the current meta of the game. Diablo 4 rewards players who can clear mobs of enemies with speed, which is precisely what the Tornado Wolf is good at.


However, keep in mind that there is a drawback of the Tornado Wolf build for the Druid. The survivability of this build is not very good. That might be a problem if you are in high-tier nightmare dungeons like level 80 or above. You might want to consider other builds in those situations. Regardless, the Tornado Wolf is an exceptional DPS build for the Druid class in Diablo 4. Plus, with the right Diablo IV items, this class can become the strongest in the game.


Sorcerers (Arc Lash Build)

Last but not least, we have Sorcerers. While some would consider the Rogue class much better at DPS than the Sorcerer class, the Sorcerer class is surprisingly popular in Diablo 4. If you are going for DPS, we recommend using the Arc Lash build. This build is not only effective for lower levels, but it also dominates near the end game.


You don't have to take our word for it since the Arc Lash build is already quite popular with Diablo 4 players. The main reason for its popularity is probably that the build is extremely well-rounded. It offers a solid balance between sustainability add mobility. In other words, you not only take a lot of damage before you die, but you can also swiftly move about clearing out hordes of enemies.


Where the Arc Lash build shines the most is with close-quarter combat. It provides exceptionally high damage output at close range. At the same time, players can quickly move away from oncoming damage thanks to the high mobility.


This brings us to one of the major drawbacks of the Arc Lash build. While it is great at close quarters, the Arc Lash build has a limited range, which means you won't be effective with this build at long range. Despite that, the Arc Lash build is a solid choice for anyone looking for high DPS with the Sorcerer.



Achieving the highest DPS is one of the main goals for many players in Diablo 4. Fortunately, the game offers multiple builds to cater to different playstyles. The best part is that you don't have to stick to a particular class to be effective at DPS. With the right build, you can achieve insane damage numbers, regardless of the class. If, however, you don't want to grind some much in the game. Don't worry. You can easily level up your account with Diablo 4 boost service.


With that said, keep in mind that the recommendations in this article are based on our in-game testing. Hence, you must consider them with a grain of salt. You don't have to stick to a particular build. For example, the Rogue's Death Trap build. While it offers great crowd control and high-damage abilities, there is no reason why you shouldn't go for any other build if you feel comfortable with that.


However, if you select a build from our recommendations, you can rest assured that you will see a significant improvement in your damage output. Check out some of the builds we have mentioned here and see if they help you deal more damage to enemies and clear out dungeons faster.



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