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  • Diablo 4 Patch 1.03 Updates: Huge Buffs For All Classes
    By Shirley Huang2023-06-29 00:00:00

    According to patch notes 1.03, all classes have received huge buffs, which aim to improve the overall gameplay experience and balance. Experience rewards and loot drops have been significantly increased for completing nightmare dungeons and killing monsters. The various buffs, Exp bonuses, and some gold in Diablo 4 are very helpful in your progression, which will make leveling up faster and more rewarding.


    diablo 4 buff-1



    This class received significant buffs, including Skills - Lunging Strike: base damage increased, Fury generated increased, Bash increased, and cooldown reductions for various skills.


    Some of the Most Notable Changes Are:

    Skills: Bash - Enhanced Bash's Fortify increased from 10% to 20% and generated increased to 11 Fury.


    Leap - Mighty Leap Slow increased from 50% to 70%.


    Call the Ancients: Prime Call of the Ancients bonus attack speed increased from 10% to 20%. It's just an across-the-board buff cooldown reduced from the Iron. Bounding Slam's base damage increased from 75% to 112%.


    Overall, Barbarians are getting buff, not nerfed. Legendary Aspects' damage increased on a lot of Bul-Kathos' Earthquake, Dust Devil's, Windlasher, Devilish, Iron, and Warrior. Two Diablo 4 items include Overkill and Hellhammer's damage increased, so Barbarians got a big buff.



    This class received significant buffs, including base damage increased, Spirit generated increased, and cooldown reductions for various skills.


    diablo 4 buff-2


    I know some people use it. Base damage increased, or Claw Spirit generated increased, while Claw double attack increased from 10% to 15%. Fierce Claw base damage increased, so they're just buffing all of these Maul base damage; Spirit generated increased. Enhanced Lightning Storm duration increased from 4 to 6 seconds.  



    This class received significant buffs, including base damage increased, Essence generated increased, and cooldown reductions for various skills.


    diablo 4 buff-3


    Some of the Most Notable Changes Are:


    Base damage increased from 12% to 13%.

    Acolyte Reap's Cooldown between Corpses was reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.



    Base damage increased from 30% to 33%; Essence increased per second increased from 7 to 8; Corpses frequency increased from 2.5 to 2 seconds.



    Base damage increased from 25% to 27%.

    Essence generated increased from 8 to 9.


    Bone Splinters

    Base damage increased from 8% to 9%.

    Essence generated increased from 6 to 7.


    The Thorns, Legendary Bursting Bone, and Flesh-Rending increased. They're just buffing all the classes and making the game more fun.



    This class received important buffs, including Invigorating Strike, Heartseeker, Blade Shift, Forceful Arrow, Rain of Arrows and etc.


    The purpose of these buffs is to make Rogues more enjoyable and increase certain skills' availability.


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    Some of the Most Notable Changes Are:

    Invigorating Strike gives buffs. I'm gonna be honest Rogue feels good already. Primary damage from 30% to 75% that's very good. Heartseeker didn't feel that good to me when I was using it.


    Forceful Arrow increased; Barrage base damage increased. These are great. Everyone's getting a buff method. Caltrops increased, and Smoke Grenade's cooldown was reduced.


    Rain of Arrows feels garbage and horrible. Their cooldown was reduced, and the Prime Rain of Arrows increased from 20% to 30%.


    That's sort of a twisting blades buff, and then Eyes in the Dark, Death Trap cooldown reduced, so I'm actually surprised they buffed the Rogue. That seems like a good sorcerer.



    This class received notable buffs, including Spark, Frostbolt, Firebolt, Charged Bolt, Incinerate, Fireball, etc.


    Some of the Most Notable Changes Are:

    We're buffing all the basic attacks, so Base damage increased, Enhanced Spark damage increased, and Flickering Spark increased; Frostbolt damage increased, Firebolt burning damage increased, and Charged Bolt damage increased.


    Incinerate needs a massive buff: base damage increased, enhanced damage increased. This is pretty good, a pretty decent buff across the board. For instance, Fireball Mana cost decreased, that's nice.


    Frozen Orb's initial base damage increased, Explosion base damage increased, and Greater, but they're just buffing like a lot of stuff. Here Blizzard's base damage increased, Ice Blades' Vulnerability increased, Lightning Spear's damage bonus increased, and Crackling Energy's base damage increased.



    Every class's buff was increased. I do not see a Nerf in any class. That's actually a mild Nerf. So other than that, sorcerer got a buff as well, and that's pretty much it. Everyone got a buff, there's no reason that we have to Nerf everything always to balance stuff, and you should be able to buff stuff too. I think that's a very common Point.


    Some of the content is quoted from DM's video.





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