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D2 Resurrected: Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Rich – Section One

By Ansley2022-01-21

Players in D2R may have done X number of runs, but they still have not found their Shako. They can't understand why other players can find stuff all the time. If you are in the same situation, Alzorath's view may help you. So this time, MmoGah brings his video to show why you don't find good D2R Items and how these mistakes stop you from getting rich in Diablo 2 Resurrected.



Going with Too Much Magic Find

The priority thing is that players should be killing monsters quickly. Then more killed monsters generate more drops. If players can not reach a certain level, too much Magic Find does little to get more D2 Resurrected Items because it can slow down players' speed and add the difficulty of defeating rivals.


The other factor is that Magic Find only affects D2R items with Rare, Magic, Set, or Unique forms, so it does nothing for Runes, items drop rates, or upgrading D2R Base Items from Normal to Exceptional or even Elite. It means that when players get too much Magic Find, they can have a higher rate to get Magic, Set, Unique items than other items, and they can hardly get White Monarch for Spirit Runewords, Flail for Heart of the Oak Runewords, Polearm for infinity Runewords, and so on. Sometimes players may want to aim for zero Magic Find in some situations, specifically.


This view agrees with Sweet Phil's, who also believes that too much Magic Find can not positively affect farming.


Thinking More Players to Be Always Better

Only Chest farming, Base farming, and Rune farming in D2R need more players. This is because players want to get as many drops of these as possible and find them quickly. Some situations need doing with a few people like farming Act Bosses and certain special enemies such as Council, which can drop slightly more for more players. And if you want to do it in a safer way and do not want to be hammered home quickly, joining a group that has eight players is always a better choice for you.


Whereas if you're hunting Uniques Sets or Rares, it would be better to farm solo in many cases, like doing unique mob runs in level 85 areas since unique mobs will always drop an item and four potions. When more players are in a situation like that, you may get little.


There are other mistakes that stop players from getting rich. And we will discuss them next time. We believe recognizing these mistakes can be helpful for our items farming journey, especially when the ladder season comes, we can more easily find our desirable D2R Ladder Items.


This is what MmoGah shares today. You are welcome to visit our website to browse other D2R News at leisure.




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