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Diablo 2 Resurrected: 6 Reasons You Aren’t Finding Good Items

Finding good gear to equip characters is very important in Diablo 2 Resurrected. But many players are having a hard time finding them. So Sweet Phil shares a few reasons you aren’t finding anything to help you find good items faster.



Six Reasons You Aren’t Finding Good Items


Reason 1

You're just not doing enough runs. You might not realize the people that have outstanding drops have been doing hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands, of runs to get these good items. If you hear someone saying he found a quite good item many times every single day, you can just ignore him. It’s not true. You need to do more runs to increase the Diablo 2 Resurrected item drop rate.


Reason 2

You need more Magic Find. Magic Find will increase the odds of your finding more good items (besides Runes). For example, Shako is very popular with players, but it’s not easy to find. More Magic Find will increase the chances of finding it. There are some super basic ways to get Magic Find early: putting four Topazs into a helm or putting Topazs into a four socketed armor.


Reason 3

You might have too much Magic Find. Yes, the last reason said you need more Magic Find. But sometimes if you prioritize getting too much Magic Find. You will sacrifice too many essential things, like the speed that helps you kill speed and clear monsters. For example, you're stacking 700 Magic Find, but it's taking you 9 minutes to kill Duriel one time. So that’s not good for you.


Reason 4

You’re farming in the game by yourself. Because as the player’s difficulty increases, the monsters will get harder, but it will increase the number of items that drop. So playing with other players a lot of times, or if you’re playing single player, you can adjust the player’s difficulty, both can increase the item’s drop rate.


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Reason 5

You’re not using trade sites. Using trade websites is an easier way to get good items. Because sometimes there are some items you just will never find. So you need to find some players to exchange items in the game. On these trading sites, you can find people directly to exchange items for what you need. This way can save you time.


Reason 6

Don’t compare yourself with other players. Because not everybody can play several hours a day like these players who are professional streamers or professional YouTube players and also don’t compare yourself to someone on the internet who’s saying he finds a good item several times one day. If you don’t have too much time playing the game, you can play single player, which is way more fun than a lot of people give it credit for.


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Hope the article can help you find more good D2R items.


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