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  • Strategies of New Dungeon Fighter Online Players: Section 2
    By John Ryan2015-06-09 00:00:00


    After having introduced the section 1 of DFO strategies, let mmogah continue to share the following strategies of some maps with new Dungeon Fighter Online players.




    The best and quickest way of finishing this map is to escape the attack of other little monsters, and then you can seckill the Boss monsters as soon as possible. After having finished this map three times, you will accomplish a quest of Monster Slyer Title. In the next quest, you can buy Destruction Crystal to finish buying potions quest.



    Destruction Crystal

    The fourth map needs you to try your best to pass. In this map, players who cannot master your characters may use life tokens. Mmogah suggests you do not use life tokens unless you have enough of them. If you want to avoid this situation, mmogah will provide you cheap dfo gold. You can collect enough materials and make HP materials to save your life tokens freely.

    The fifth map is Pingwood Penitentiary.

    Ringwood Penitentiary

    This map also needs you to finish three times. Three times, three different maps. Moreover, you will meet Boss monsters you have defeated, do not be afraid of them, what you need to do is to defeat them again. In this map, you should pay attention to avoiding being trapped by ghosts. When these ghosts go off, the explosion will reduce much of your HP. Be care of these ghosts, they are annoying. The good point in passing the map is that when you have passed the map twice, you will get a title. Equipping it could make you more powerful.


    After this map, there is an exciting thing waiting for you. It is time to choose your professions.


    Do not finish the quest directly. You can go into Seria’s room to talk with her so that you can save you fatigue points.

    Tips for new players: when receiving the quest, do not neglect them, read them carefully, you can save your fatigue points and protect your items.

    Now, you can come into the last map.


    last map

    In this map, there is a monster that can make you sleepy. It will beat you when you are awake. So what you need to do is to escape the occasion that the monster sprays the powder. In the whole journey of dungeon, what you should do is not to defeat monsters but to improve your ability of mastering your characteristics so that you can have a good command of your skills. Well, mmogah will accompany and help you to level up with our dfo power leveling together! See you!