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DFO Season 6 Act 9 - The Revelator and the Following Event

Penny January 28th, 2021 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Dungeon Fighter Online Season 6 Act 9 goes live now, the content of which is Female Priest Neo Awakening. Firstly, let's take a look at the four new female Priests – Crusader, Inquisitor, Shaman, and Mistress.



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Neo: Crusader




























Neo: Inquisitor




Neo: Shaman




Neo: Mistress



There are some changes for the four Priests regarding their skills, especially the Atk increasing. For Crusader, their skill Holy Smash - Atk. will be increased by 15.8%. And Healing Prayer's Casting Speed will no longer be abnormally affected by Movement Speed. For Castigating Wallop of Inquisitor, jump distance will be decreased. There are still many changes not only for Crusader, Inquisitor, but also for Shaman and Mistress. You can check it out on the official site.



Some events are also coming along with the update.


Blessed Saints of Redemption

It is another new awakening event with similar rewards. So be sure to level your female Priests if you don't have their third awakenings to get your complimentary +11 reinforced and +6 refined tickets. And in this event, you will be getting a weapon avatar that looks like a cello.


Cleansing of the Cursed Cross

It is an event that holds along with the female Priest. You will be able to find cursed crosses in your Optimal Dungeons. Unlike other events that you have to use a set amount of fatigue points to find them, they have a fixed chance. If you climb crosses, you will get Holy Essence, which you can use to buy items from the SD female Priest located in Seria's Room. With this event, there is no daily limit to how many crosses can appear in your Dungeons or how many Holy Essence you can obtain in one day. So theoretically, you can clear out the shop pretty quickly.


Abello’s Gift

For each week, if you clear optimal level dungeons ten times, you will receive an Enchanting Bead, which is also how the weekly missions are completed. Accumulated Rewards are enhanced for each Weekly Mission completion and can be received during the last week of the event.


Ancient Dungeon Adventure Time

Here is how you participate. Firstly, you need to talk to Memet, who has appeared in Seria's Room, and clear the quest. Then enter the Ancient Dungeon area and move to the right end of the map to enter the Ancient Dungeon. Lastly, you need to clear Ancient Dungeons and purchase Radiant Light Gracia Equipment from the Memet NPC located in Seria's Room. There are two levels of difficulty – for normal dungeons, your entry-level has to be 17-100. For the hard one, it has to be level 100.


All the events, except the Cleansing of the Cursed Cross event, which is going to be over on Feb 9, will end on Feb 23. So start your journey right away, adventurers! For more DFO guides, please stay tuned to MmoGah.

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