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  • Strategies of New Dungeon Fighter Online Players: Section 1
    By John Ryan2015-06-03 00:00:00

    As a free 2D arcade-style action MMORPG, Dungeon Fighter Online presents a different experience to gamers. Abundant gamers battle with monsters as a free explorer or team up with other gamers to begin their journey in the various dungeons.

    At the same time, there are also many new Dungeon Fighter Online players meeting a lot of difficulties when they are exploring their destinations, such as beaten by all kinds of monsters, confused by distributions of some SP or abilities of distinct characters and troubled by the unwanted route to find Boss monsters. Some difficulties are from the controls of their characters, others are from the lack of dfo gold to buy items and materials improving their capabilities of attack. Here, Mmogah will share some strategies of Dungeon Fighter Online with new players from our friend Joker’s personal experience and summary to help players who are not familiar with the game.


    1.       Silver Crown

    After having chosen your character, players can go on your journey to dungeon. Here, we will share our experience to you based on thief.





    If you are new players, mmogah suggests you skim the story of your characters because it can help you understand the background of your fighters. Also, it’s a beautiful entrance to begin with a different story. If not, you can just start the guide. You can finish the guide quickly and fluently. After finishing the guide, players will come to Seria’s Room where she will talk a lot to you, and then players will receive a quest which needs players to go into dungeon to finish it.



    The first place players should go is Luteon. When you meet the first boss for the first time, Aganzo will appear to seckill the boss. After finishing the quest, the following quest is still fight in this map, at least 3 times. A point players need to pay attention to is that when you go on this map the second time, the Boss will lie on the ground for a short time, during the time both players and Boss Flame Princess Stera cannot attack each other. After a few seconds, she will throw fireballs to you suddenly. For players who have not any good items, the damage is pretty big. So what you need to do is to observe the motion of Stera and get good items, which can help you defeat the boss successfully. If players want to collect gold to buy good items, mmogah is here to provide cheap dfo gold for you.




    When players continue the quest, do not enter the extra room, you can just move to the room of Boss to save time. After having finished the map, you will go to the next Frozen Luteon.


    Frozen Luteon

    This map is easy to pass. What you need to first attack is dwarfs who throw snowflakes. These guys are too terrible that the snowflakes will follow you. Players will wampish when touched by the snowflakes. So just seckill them. And then players can go for the boss, heed the ice gland and snowflakes, and just solve the Boss.



    The map is as follows:       map


    If you want to learn more about Dungen Fighter Online News, mmogah will try our best to help you. See you!