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DFO Season 6 Big Update: New Level Cap 100 Will Come on April 21

Shirley Huang April 08th, 2020 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO Season 6 big update is coming on April 21. Experience a whole new level of action with increased level cap and new dungeons!

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New Level  Cap:100

Max Level Increased From 95-100

Arad will undergo big changes as characters maximum level is increased from 95-100 on April 21, 2020.

New Towns and Worlds

After the great explosion of the 2nd Pandemonium War, chaos and tensions are abound in Arad and the Empyrean region.

Ghent the New Capital

The reconstructed city of Ghent that was devastated by the empyrean civil war. New imperial palace and building have been built.


New Dungeons

A whole new adventure begins in Arad! New challenges and rewards await you! Check the new level 100 dungeon loot information here, new equipment Farming. 


The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection

Location: West Coast Alliance Camp

Abysmal Sky Tower

(enter the dedicated channel the Oculus)

Recommended Players:4

Entrance Requirement: Level 100

Dungeon information

You mush explore each floor that is randomly placed with a limited field of view. Destroy the bosses with various effects and complete the dungeon. 

New Special Dungeons

Cursed Ruby, Stormy Route and Pit of incarceration have been discovered.

Cursed Ruby

Location: Dark Elf Kindom> NPC Alisha Arden


Level Requirement: 100

Main Reward: Various Materials


Stormy Route

Location: The Philasia > Elrox Warp Portal’s ‘Stormy Route’

Recommended: Max.4P

Level Requirement: 96+

Main Reward: Large quantity of gold and other materials 

Pit of Incarceration

Location: Bel Myre Principality – North>Valley of the Fallen Souls


Level Requirement: 96+

Main Reward: Level 100 Epic Weapon Pot 


New Equipment Farming

Introducing more ways to obtain items!

New Level 100 Equipment

New level 100 equipment can be obtained from various dungeons added on April 21.

There will be different types of equipment available based on your character’s progress. 


Added Various Epic Sets

A mixed epic set consisting of armor/accessory/special equipment will be added. Find your perfect set of combinations through many available epic sets.  


New Special Equipment

A new equipment that is more valuable than epics will be added

Tradable Epic ‘Product of Wisdom’

The first ever tradable epic in DFO. It exists as a single equipment without a set and assists with leveling. It cannot be reinforced/amplified/refined but special options can be added through Modifying Equipment. 


Mythic Equipment

It’s a new, powerful equipment that is higher tier than epics. For each epic set, there is a Mythic equipment that shares the set options. Mythic items have additional mythic only options that varies randomly. Mythic equipment exists as Top/ Bracelet/Earrings, and only 1 Mythic equipment can be equipped per character. 

Transfer Equipment Options


A system to upgrade level 95 epic to level 100 epic

Only some level 100 epic equipment can be obtained by upgrading (excluding weapons)


Transfer enchant/reinforcement/amplification/refine of level 95 epics to new level 100 epics


Enchant/ reinforcement/amplification/refine between level 100 epics


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