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Latest Updates of DFO: Four Events Are Coming This Evening

Shirley Huang October 10th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

DFO Season 3 Act 07. Luke the Constructor released on Sep 19. It's been 3 weeks since the raid against the almighty 9th apostle started. Many adventurers took on the challenge and confronted Luke, only to meet their inevitable demise.

To give everyone an additional shot at Luke, DFO official site opens Luke Raid on Sunday for the next 2 weeks! Here MmoGah.com would like to share the four events with dfo fans.


Luke One More Time

Event Period: Oct 10 ~ Nov 07, 2017

Do not miss this chance to acquire additional Monolium, Monster Cards and Lv. 90 Epic Equipment!


Bingo Returns Again

Event Period: Oct 10 ~ Oct 24, 2017

The Bingo has returned again!
Complete the lines to get varieties of useful items!

How to participate it ?

Bingo Tip

Bingo Rewards


Please Note:

'Bingo Box' will reset at fatigue reset time every day.

Bingo Board is shared account-wide and will reset at 09:00 (UTC) every Tuesday.

A chance to reset the Bingo Board will be given at 50 Optimal Level Dungeon clears and at 100 Optimal Level Dungeon clears.

Rewards will be deleted at 09:00, Oct 24, 2017 (UTC).


Got Rare

Event Period: Oct 10~ Nov 07, 2017

The magical fairy from Blazing Laundromat has returned to Underfoot!
Have you ever wanted to try on those awesome looking Rare Avatars? Well, this is your chance!
She will lend you Rare Avatars at a very cheap price! Don't miss it!


How to get Rare Avatar?


Please Note:

Rare Avatar Box is account bound. Rare avatars will be deleted in 15 days after receiving them.

3rd Generation Rare Avatar Rental Box will be added on Oct 24.

Rare Avatars from this event does not contain any emblem sockets and it cannot be traded, sundered or compounded.


Be a Legend

Event Period: Oct 10 ~ Nov 07, 2017

Become a legend if you are not the one yet.
Get easy on full set of Quest Legendary Equipment available for rental duty every day!
Try hard to get maximum of 3 unlimited Quest Legendary Equipment!
Adventurers, it is a good day to be 'literally' a legend.  Eligibility: Lv. 17 or above.

 Rental items will be deleted after 24 hours. Get it again tomorrow just like a legend!

Boxes will be deleted at 09:00, Nov 7, 2017 (UTC), but contained equipment last forever just like a legend.
Daily Log in and Optimal Dungeon Clearance can be done once again after 09:00, Oct 24, 2017 (UTC).


These events are coming this evening, so I am sure that you can’t wait to play it. Ready enough dfo gold on hand, and strengthen your weapons.


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