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DFO: Season 3 Act 07. Luke the Constructor Is Coming This Evening

Luke Raid has arrived at last! The battle to decide the destiny of Pandemonium begins now!

Good news! Season 3 Act 07. Luke the Constructor is coming this evening. A series of activities are waiting for you. Ready enough dfo gold, and head into the game. Here MmoGah as a professional dfo gold store (Ranking No.1 in google results) gives a summary about the updated news.


It's Luke Time

Period: Sep 19 ~ Oct 10, 2017

Who dares to challenge the almighty Luke?
Only the most talented and resilent adventurers can prevail!

Here are your honorable rewards for defeating Luke faster!

Receive a special title on your own IGN


Feature: After you have defeated Luke with IGN of the character, it will be put on the title.

Requirement: The raid groups with the fastest Luke Raid clear times during the event period.

Eligibility: All raid members who must have participated in phase 1 and 2.

Distribution: 3 raid groups selected after the event period ends. Rewards will be sent on Oct 24 via mail.


Receive an exclusive Lukd Aura

Feature: You can obtain only one exclusive aura during the event period.

Requirement: Players should clear Luke Raid certain number of times during the event period.

Eligibility: All characters who met the requirements

Distribution: Given to the character's inventory upon completing the requirements

Important Note:

If you clear the raid in an inappropriate way, it will disqualify you from obtaining the rewards.
- Clear Time begins when the raid starts and ends. It includes the waiting time in between the phases.
- If your character name contains inappropriate words or characters, you may not receive the title.
- Title can be earned multiple times on a single character. (If you get both the 1st place and 2nd place, you will receive both titles)
- The rewards you will receive: Aura and Titles boxes are untradable.

- The Title box will be deleted on Nov 21 and Aura box will be deleted on Oct 10.


The Master and His Apprentice

Period: Sep 19 ~ Oct 24, 2017

Explore dungeons to train your apprentice and receive various rewards

A boy who wants to be a warrior appears in the Seria’s Room.

Dungeon Exploration, this is the path to become a warrior

- When the dungeon ends, rewards are sent automatically to your mailbox. But Apprentice is not automatically re-entered into a dungeon. You must send them manually.

- Each dungeon has a different completion rewards and duration.

- You should equip your apprentice with better equipment to enter difficult dungeons.

The times decreased of completing a dungeon based on your awakening level.

Warrior's Equipment

- Apprentices are originally equipped with 'Common' tier equipment.

- If you want to train your apprentice a powerful warrior, you must give him better equipment.

- You can acquire warrior's Coin by playing optimal level dungeons. Warrior's coin is used to buy equipment for your apprentice.

- Your power will increase based on your equipment’s tier.


From an Apprentice into a Warrior

- After reaching a certain level of power, Apprentice can be awakened. If you give him higher tier equipment, his power will be increased.

- When your apprentice awakens, he will obtain bonus power, and the time will decrease when he completes a dungeon.

-If your apprentice awakens, you will receive awakening rewards. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox.


Important Note:

Event can be shared by account.

Awakening rewards can only be received once per account.

You can entered Dungeons repeatedly, but you cannot enter multiple dungeons at once.

All unused items will be deleted on Oct 24, 2017.


Honey Time Plan

Period: Sep 19 ~ Oct 24, 2017

Daily Gifts

Total Log-in Time Reward (Weekly)


Lastly, let us waiting for new season 3 act 07.coming. More dfo news please visit MmoGah.com.


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