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Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Recently many players are focus on the new plot of Blade and Soul, which is called Ebondrake Citadel, according to some players’ requirement, I recommend an article from a senior master, and there are some tips and methods in it. Please see the details below:



You must have cleared Sogun's Lament and the Shattered Masts. Minimum ~550 AP on 6-man, ~600 on 4-man. The entire party coordinating. There are no carries for the final boss; everyone must do their part or wipe.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Each boss periodically gains a 50% damage reflecting debuff for 30 seconds that is reduced/ignored by the Reduction/Resistance from Bracelet, if you don't have the bracelet you are literally killing yourself. Phantom Brand Reduction from Python/Asura Bracelet OR Phantom Brand Resistance from Awakened/True Python Bracelet. NC West isn't going to give us a shortcut this time like they did for Sogun's Lament.


2x Stun.

2x Daze.

2x Knockdown.


An Assassin or Summoner. You must have someone with stealth party iframe and these are the only classes who have it.


All non-Assassin, Summoner, and Warlock with Second Wind Tier 3 Stage 2/3 Knockdown/Daze (Sin/Sum/WL don't have CCs on their Trinket) OR someone with a skill that specifically states Daze resistance (e.g. Destroyer Hongmoon Emberstomp or Hurricane, Blade Dancer Vortex, Warlock Sanctum).

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Corridor 1:

Short empty corridor. At the end is the first boss, who is being locked down by the Ebondrake Illusionsts. Kill all the aggressive (red) Bonemask adds before killing the passive (yellow) Ebondrake Illusionists that trigger the boss.


Boss 1: Bukka

Bonemask brute (closest thing are the Colonels in Soulstone Plains), 12 million HP, 6 minute enrage timer, no self-damaging mechanics. Double CC everything is needed here.


Standard Bonemask rotation.

Every minute or two he will fart a Dark Chi Circle. If ten of these are on the field = wipe. Every 10% increments he will do the following at random: You need to properly CC, or else he will repeat his attack two more times (without any extra CC windows) and then create an additional two Dark Chi Circles under people. If you successfully CC he will get a debuff that prevents him from using the same ability in succession.


Focus power on his shoulders: Does a field-wide area of effect roar, then a spin2win. Double Daze the spin2win.


Focus power on his neck: He will do a rally call and summon three adds from the entrance, and then a spin2win. Double stun the spin2win.


Focus power on his legs: Charges toward the aggro holder (not blockable), then on hitting the wall does a spin2win. Double Knockdown the spin2win.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Corridor 2:

A very short corridor containing just a pair of adds, just jump over them.


Boss 2: Magolka

Kaari Lord Reskin, 9 million HP, 6 minute enrage timer, no self-damaging mechanics.

Standard Kaari Lord Rotation.


One add is a Bonemask Elite, who will charge someone and then does a field-wide roar whose stun cannot be iframed. Is CCable at any point? The other add is a Ploggle Elite, who just throws poison projectiles.


At 70% and 30% he will spawn a Corrupted Sphere. He then jumps to the furthest person, and then does a field-wide area of effect roar; CC the roar but DO NOT GRAB/AERIAL HIM unless you are sure you can kill him by then. After that he charges at a random person; block him. He then repeats this two more times. As you do this the corrupted sphere will fire roots at random people, so use your root escapes. If you delay this part too much, including grabbing him, he will spawn more Corrupted Spheres.


At 90%, 50%, and 10% he will jump to the middle and summon two adds at random positions in the eight circles on the field always on opposite ends, and then give everyone a debuff. Kill the two 300k HP adds immediately to dispel the debuff (boss can be CC'd and grabbed/knocked into the air right after summoning, do it when he slams his staff into the ground for longest duration). Shortly after the boss will do a 5-hit field wide area of effect explosion; the adds become immune at this point and if you still have the debuff you will eat a unescapable lockdown and massive damage. Furthermore if either mobs are alive the boss will then absorb them and heal 5% per mob.


After the jumps, the boss goes to the middle and the spheres start ping-ponging around the room, while the boss fires projectiles at everyone. Block the spheres (they will trigger Frost Prison on the blocker; everyone has a block skill) or they explode, do massive damage across the entire field, and heal the boss by 5% per sphere.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Corridor 3:

Jump over the measly adds in your way as you head to a spiral staircase. There are five prison cells as you head down the stairs; split your party to kill everything and everyone in the cells to unlock the gate to the final boss.


Boss 3: Bale Phantom Zakhan:

38 million HP with self-damaging mechanics, 9 minute enrage, new type of boss. Party Stealther and Second Wind CC are needed here; do not pop your stealth protect and Tab randomly. Also has a marker mechanic. The mechanics are considerably easy to grasp, but there is very little room for error and one wrong move = wipe.


His rotation is entirely random, and some are very fast. It helps very much to have a dedicated tank; he's more or less as fast and hard hitting as a Soulstone Plains Unbound Terror, so be very careful and try not to lead him into your teammates.


Fast single downward swing. Sometimes he will follow up with two more downward swings, which have near instantaneous speed. Causes knockdown. Eating this three times in a row will cause a massive drop in aggro, similar to some of Profane Jiangshi's attacks, so be very careful if you are the tank. Yellow attack. First swing is CC'able but the remaining two are not.


Fast double arc swipe. Causes daze. Yellow attack. CC'able. Curls up and spins like a saw blade, dealing multiple hits. Causes daze. Red attack. Fast wide sweep throwing a crescent energy wave. Causes knockback. Red attack. Drags his blade across the ground and throws a crescent energy wave a long distance in front of him. Causes knockup. Red attack.


Teleports away from the aggro holder like Fujin/Sekjin. After 90%: Summons six dark circles on areas around him that explode. Causes knockback. Red attack. At 90%, 70%, 50%, 30%, and 10%, Zakhan will "show his true self", changing his right arm cloak to a monstrous arm. Zakhan will teleport away from aggro holder, and "is watching someone" and marks the furthest person from him, who gains a red swirl. Everyone needs to huddle up under the boss, and once the marker is confirmed, they need to huddle up as well.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

Zakhan fires an area of effect projectile at the marker; EVERYONE EXCEPT THE MARKER MUST STOP ATTACKING SO THE SIN/SUM CAN STEALTH EVERYONE. Assassin has Protection Decoy/Stealth Smokescreen while Summoner has Enhanced Seed Shroud. Marker must immediately break stealth or avoid the projectile themselves.


Zakhan will proceed to fire four projectiles at random people, but ONLY TARGET VISIBLE PEOPLE, which is why an Assassin/Summoner is required; Blade Master's Winged Protector, Blade Dancer's Maelstrom, and Force Master's Frost Sheath DOES NOT DO ANYTHING. Anyone without the marker who eats this will eat 30k~ and get locked down for 10 seconds for very high damage over time and any attack they eat under that state inflicts massive damage. 


The marker is required to facetankall four (does no damage to them) to give the marker the "Demonic Energy" 20% attack power buff; stay next to your group so that the buff gets transferred to your party. The mechanic is failed if the Sin/Sum fails to stealth, the marker didn't leave stealth, or a non-marker left stealth. Once Zakhan lifts his arm up and starts firing the projectiles, he has finished his targeting sequence so everyone can resume attacking. The buff lasts 2 minutes, but deals damage over time and once it runs out you will get locked down for 10 seconds with very high damage over time and massive damage while attacked under such state.


Zakhan then casts "Heaven's Breach": this is the exact same attack as Jinsoyun's World Breaker. If you have the buff you will be rooted in place and won't be affected. If you do not have the buff, and there is no Blade Master to cast Winged Protector before the lift, you will eat 30k damage, you CANNOT iframe the force lift and none of the other iframes last long enough to block the damage. Even if you miraculously survived, the additional 5 seconds of downtime, for a total of 15 is pretty huge, especially since he does the mechanic five times which means over a minute of downtime if all mechanics are failed.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

After 90%, while resuming his normal set of attacks, he will periodically cast a new rotation: Zakhan will head into the middle and cast "Dark Void", a field-wide vacuum and then prepare for a field-wide one-shot area of effect. You cannot iframe the vacuum unless you have a skill that specifically resists Daze, so all the non-Sin/Sum/WL must use Second Wind CC to interrupt his area of effect OR someone resists the vacuum and then double CCs on their own.


Zakhan casts dark exploding circles. Zakhan grabs the furthest person (not iframable) and steal their buff, making him stronger but eats 3 million damage (8% of his health) when it expires after a minute. The marker and then the Sin/Sum must be the one to be grabbed is that so they don't get locked down after their debuff expires as they need to do the mechanic. The grab is CC'able but don't interrupt it. Blade Master's Winged Protector, Blade Dancer's Maelstrom, and Force Master's Frost Sheath can be cast to negate the grab damage (20k~).


He will repeat this every 40 seconds, whenever his buff reaches 20 seconds. Even if you don't grab after the Dark Void it'll still expire by then. At 50% mechanic, two things will happen: Zakhan casts "Demonic Seal", a purple field surrounding the outer walls. A damage over time effect is applied on the entire battlefield for the remainder of the fight, stacking with the Demonic Energy damage over time as well (if you die from this point on, the Demonic Seal will stop you from doing chi recovery).


Zakhan instead marks the two furthest people, but then one of them is a fake marker. At this stage, the fake marker is always the furthest, while the second furthest is the real marker; Zakhan will grab the fake before doing his mechanic. The grab is a linear area of effect, and the damage portion is also an area of effect and removes marking even from the real one, so don't stand in front of it.


At 30% and 10% mechanic, Zakhan will mix up his marking. He will either:

Fake mark the furthest and grab them, and real mark the second furthest.

Fake mark the second furthest and grab them, and real mark the furthest.

Real mark the furthest and produce no fake marks and grab no one.

Ebondrake Citadel in Blade and Soul

The above are the guide for Ebondrake Citadel, hope it can help you, if you want to know more information about blade and soul, you can visit mmogah.com. More and more updated articles will be provided for you. Also when you want to buy safe and fast delivery blade and soul gold, you will receive good and sincere service from mmogah.




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