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Blade and Soul’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration Arrive

Blade and Soul’s 2nd Anniversary Festival is now live, check out what’s coming in the January 17 update.



2nd Anniversary Festival Gift

Event: January 17 – February 7

During this event, you will get the Shadowrunner costume for free! Visit the Featured tab in the Hongmoon Store to collect your free 2nd Anniversary Gift bundle (limited to one per account):

·  2x – 2nd Anniversary Coins

·  22x – 2nd Anniversary Cupcakes

·  22 – 2nd Anniversary Fireworks

·  7 Days of Premium Membership

·  Shadowrunner costume & Weapon Skin Chest



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Mythical Music Event

Event: January 17 – February 7
Redemption Period: January 17 – March 21

You will receive a Music Box Cylinder when you complete the daily challenge, and the Music Box Cylinder can be turned in once per day to Celesta in Jadestone Village for a Completed Music Box. A Completed Music Box gives you some guaranteed rewards like the 2nd Anniversary Coin, as well as a shot at rarer materials like Moonstone Crystals, a Sacred Crystal Bundle, Elysian Crystals, and more.

The 2nd Anniversary Coins can be used in the Dragon Express for the limited-time Purity costume, 2nd Anniversary Cake Hat, and Candle Glasses available through the Redemption Period.



Realmrift Supply Chain

Event: January 17 – February 7
Redemption Period: January 17 – March 21

Characters over level 50 can challenge the limited-time special event version of Blackram Supply Chain and collect special daily rewards.

You need to complete “A Letter from Nowhere” quest to gain access to a Daily Quest which gives you a Corsair’s Gift Box. Open the gift box for guaranteed and rare rewards, including a currency called the Corsair’s Comb with which you can obtain a number of cosmetic rewards in the Dragon Express during the Redemption Period.

·  Pirate Princess

·  Gangplank Style

·  Custom Gangplank Style

·  Red Gangplank Style

·  Poharan’s Eyepatch

·  Blackram Officer Uniform



“The Other Poharan” quest also gives you a Corsair’s Comb and 3 Fortune Potions each time, and each of the dungeon’s bosses will drop special Realmrift Supply Chain Soul Shield Chest that contains a Sacred Longgui, Raven, or Beluga Soul Shield.


If you prefer to spend your time on progressing your character, you can gain access to special event Transmutation recipes during the Redemption Period. Make a Premier Hongmoon XP Charm by Transmuting 50 Corsair’s Combs, a Special Hongmoon XP Charm, and 20 gold. You can also make a Pentagonal Obsidian with a Special Square Obsidian of the corresponding element, 60 Corsair’s Combs, and 20 gold. 

Merchant of Wonders

There’s a 100% chance to encounter the Merchant of Wonders if you complete the Realmrift Supply Chain. Merchant of Wonders offers you a chance at everything available through the event, and more. So be sure to stick around and check out what he has to offer after each run. 


Furthermore, the Silver Saberfang Outfit Chest and Emerald Gem Package are available until February 7, and Blade & Soul also have overhauled the Premium Membership system with better rewards. Click to read the full 2nd Anniversary 4.1 Patch Notes. 


For more Blade and Soul news and guides, please stay tuned.




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