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  • Blade and Soul Patch Notes of Speculating New Level 55 and New Continent
    By Bmichaellogan2017-01-20 00:00:00

    How time flies! EU/NA Blade and Soul has passed one year, now players can celebrate Blade & Soul’s birthday from January 18 until February 8 with the 1st Anniversary Festival for patch notes! Players can check EU/NA official website for checking all the updates.

    According to KR Blade and Soul version, we can speculate that EU/NA will release a new continent Sorak, level 55 cap, and new Hongmoon ultimate skills for all classes later. The end of trailer also hints that it will release of a new gunner class in the future. Now we should get to know some information about this ahead of time.

    Hongmoon Ultimate Skills

    This new trailer reveals new ultimate skills for Warlock, Destroyer and Force Master. The previous trailer has already teased new skills for Blade Master, Assassin and Kungfu Master. The new skills can be learnt at level 55 and do not require training manual/scrolls. Each class has 2 or 3 new Hongmoon Ultimate skills.

    Hongmoon Ultimate will be learnt automatically on reaching level 55, without any quest item or manual. Each class will have 2 types of Hongmoon Ultimate: 1 for high damage and 1 for utility. The level cap will be extended to Level 55 with new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills.

    The skill tree of all classes will be simplified and enhanced. The current system is too complicated with many “stages” and “tiers”. After revamping the skill tree, skills can be learnt by simply selecting “stage” (no more tier). The total SP will be reduced accordingly since much lesser points are required to learn a specific skill.

    The New Continent

    The new continent comes with new world and many instance bosses. The new region is known as Cloud Kingdom and includes Destiny Palace, a slum, the Coral Lagoon, the Forgotten Forest, the Black Dragon Cult HQ, and more locations. With new continent comes a brand new class, this is a hybrid class of the Kung Fu Master mixed with a Force Master class, being dubbed the Force Kung Fu Master. You can see the video below which shows the new land and boss.

    According to CH blade and soul version, every player who registers can get a free power leveling coupon and upgrade to LV 50 directly even though you are a new player with LV1, and new dungeon of the model with lower difficulty is possible. Newly adding single dungeon and simple model of hero dungeon in the patch. In the CH version it will be added Hongmoon LV55 unique/ultimate skill (ESO TERIC).

    I think more and more new players will attend this CH new patch, as it is very easy to level up to 50. Also it is expected that the blade and soul gold price will be higher and higher. From this we can speculate the EU/NA will release similar story line or free coupon for power leveling in the near future. Let’s expect the wonderful future for the EU/NA version together.

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