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Why Players Prefer to Buy Archeage Gold Rather than Make Money by Themselves in Archeage

John Ryan May 22nd, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

There are some methods of making money in Archeage, like home stystem, trade, robbing goods, but why players still want to buy Archeage gold, because those methods can help them upgrade and make money slowly, while buying Archeage gold meets their requests of making money and upgrading fast. Mmogah will be glad to introduce the analysis of why three representative methods are not good use for making money in detail.

  • Housing and farming in Archeage

This game belongs to casual games, like QQ farm, which is to keep producing materials and raising pigs and cattle, as well as planting various plants to earn coins. When players own a certain volume of funds and then go on expanding production, at last sell materials to earn coins to other players in need. However in Archeage, prices are almost changing every day, many players especially new ones would like to follow the trend to produce materials and raise pigs and so on, for example a material for sale whose price is too high today, and many players will follow the trend to produce, which results in their economic losses due to their mass production. The more production is, the lower price is. What’s more, if players are sure to find potential investment and produce massively which can help them earn money, but they are lack of the ability of finding potential investment. Therefore, housing and farming isn’t a good method for players who want to make money and upgrade rapidly.

 housing and farming

  • Trade in Archeage

Trade refers that players earn money of transportation, they transport specialty through a variety of vehicles to other islands. Farther to the higher prices, which is the core of this game. Vehicles are the most important for players, how much they earn depends on what types of ship they have. As for an amateur player whose boat can only send a bag of goods without risk, but he earns little, medium-term players can make their own trade ships to earn more with higher cost , so they need trade companions, while the delivery is risky. I can hardly imagine what will happen, if trading ships sail on sea full of pirates. For example, a trade ship that has 20 cases once is robbed halfway, player will lose too much. So Mmogah recommends players not to run risk of going on transportation trade.


  • Robbing goods in Archeage

This is the easier method of earning money, and almost every player likes to use it, neither labor nor production is needed. Everyone can rob some goods, just kill businessman and rob him of his goods, then earn coins from NPC with goods robbed. Don’t you think it is fairly simple? No, Mmogah will tell you it is really hard, players need necessary preparation for robbing goods, have max level of grade and certainly better equipment, prepare assault boat well, and operate PVP expertly. If all of the above in place, then you will have the ability to find a place full of passing businessmen to rob goods to earn money. As we know, it is not easy to prepare the above, so loyal players all know that they have to buy Archage gold to help them to equip their characters, and our web is here for you, providing fastest and safest Archeage gold. Players normally rob the ship of rival camps, however Mmogah reminds players not to regard rival camp as a fool, transport trade routes of rival camps are always uncertain, and even some rival camps can find them and turn around to escape rapidly. Above all, easier mehod of earning money is not so easy.

robbing goods


  • Best method of making money in Archeage

The best choice of making money in Archeage is buying Archeage gold, keeping ''money beget money''. To buy Archeage gold is fastest method to equip the characters of customers, and customers can fight the boss easily and rapidly, as well as rob the ships of rival camps efficiently and effectively, in the end customers always earn more.

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