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  • More Benefits for the Game of Archeage and MmoGah ArcheAge Gold
    By John Ryan2015-05-08 00:00:00

    Archeage new version 1.7 the Dread Prophecies


    With the release of Archeage new version 1.7 the Dread Prophecies, you can enjoy more benefits in this MMORPG as a patron, which are listed in the following:

    1. You can gain 20% bonus for the experience, which allows you to level fast. No matter for your questing, combats or your labor usage.

    2. 10 Labor per 5 mins when you are offline, which you can use for more farming and crafting.

    3. Visit ArcheAge Auction House through a UI button anywhere, you no longer need to reach the Auctioneer beside the Mirage Isle portal.

    4. Your items’ repairs are available directly from your inventory, instead of having to look for a Blacksmith.

    5. The Auction House Fee is reduced to 5% instead of the 10% before after the new version 1.7 the Dread Prophecies.

    6. You can also gain 20% faster farming and crafting activities.

    More Benefits for the Game of Archeage


    I think these benefits focus on faster archeage power leveling and the convenience when you play this game, so you can enjoy more fun after Dread Prophecies: New Zones of Golden Ruins and Mistmerrow, Ship Customization, Naval Combat and so on, the most important is that you can enjoy more patron benefits in the above.

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