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Trion Has Added PTS into ArcheAge Game

John Ryan Date: December 17th, 2014 Views: 7727 archeage archeage gold wow gold ffxiv gil mmogah

You still remember Accounts Banned, Illicit Gold Disappear, Marketplace Exploit, Connectivity Issue? Not too long ago, if you disappeared with Trion as an ArcheAge fan for NA/EU servers? 

If you are interested in PTS and have the opportunity to take part in it, maybe you’d better know the things in the following:

  • Your credits and items on PTS are JUST for PTS – you can spend all your PTS credits without affecting your live credits at all!

  • You can build a new character on test server and level it up to 50 by saying “Level me up Fluffy” in the say channel in chat. Fluffy is an automated testing bot who will help you level up when you need. You can also try the test version with low level, maybe you can experience something different.

Play fun ArcheAge, always worth it. As a stuff of my company, I can frankly tell you all our customer service staffs are really helpful and friendly, they will be 24/7 here online to guide you and deal with your orders, they generally complete your order within 3-5 mins, with secure face to face trade. We attach more importance to our service not our profit, if you check out our everyday archeage gold prices and compare with other sites, you will find Mmogah deserves your trust.


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