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The Tips of Robbery in Archeage

John Ryan June 12th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Archeage is a game with high degree of freedom, including various gameplays, however Archeage’s players are just divided into live players and battle players from the topic, our Archeage gold site  thinks robbery players are a combination of both. As we know, most players plant or gather materials on their own in to make their equipment in the late game which provides the fundamental conditions for life players. However profit margins are so tight by directly selling materials that those profits can’t satisfy players, while they still want more interests, as a result run traders appear in Archeage. However run trade is double-edged sword, it brings not only more interests, but also may make players face a ship crash. Here, our site sincerely shares our tips of robbery with all of players in detail.


robbery in Archeage

  • Making friends

Some gamers might think that lower players cannot rob targets, but Mmogah tells those players who have the thoughts that they are totally wrong. Robbery depends on players’ convergence and cooperation. Perhaps one player cannot beat the 6000+ enemy, what about having more players together? As a result the 6000+ enemy is doomed to die.


  • Preparing ships

Certainly making full preparation before robbing targets, players and their companions need to be equipped with Black Pearl ( general one is permitted), a ship harpoon ship (propeller is a higher quality). Lower Black Pearl can be applied in Archeage, because its task is just investigation, after finding targets, players should sail harpoon ships instead of Black Pearl to catch up with targets and just leave 2 players on Black Pearl. With Black Pearl positioning and harpoon ships catching up, it is easy to catch up with targets.


  • Waiting for chances

When getting close to the targets, players should calm down and observe ranged circumstances (don’t worry about ships are withdrawn, the ships can’t be withdrawn when the cargoes are on the ships.) If players have their own advantages and can directly crash their targets. If enemies’ ships and crew are too strength for players to rashly rush, and retreating is the best choice for them.


  • Keeping stealth

When robbing targets, players had better keep stealth if they have stealth abilities, which can make targets relax their vigilance.


keep stealth

  • Liberty Island

There is no peace on Liberty Island, so this place is very dangerous, however delivery prices here are higher, and players can lying in wait (A certain degree of strength is need, and the best and fastest way of being strong is to buy equipment with Archeage gold, here as a selling 10-year gold website Mmogah obey “costumer first” and provide fastest, cheapest and safest Archeage gold for all our costumers).


  • Keeping close track of protective time

Keeping stealth in the areas where there are deliveries of good and fish, sometimes deliveries are beyond the time of protection, at the time players should drive the ships out of the protected area, wait for targets to kill them, then demolish the ships (A certain degree of strength is need).


  • Robbing at night

Don’t think of traders who run businesses during the day, even they run more at night, so players maybe get a big surprise at night.


  • Obeying principle

Robbing has its own principle, players had better not rob targets who are in the same union or on the same mainland.


Above all, Mmogah hopes that our tips of robbery can help all players, if players still want to know more strategies about Archeage, please keep your eyes on our Archeage news.


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