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The Summary of Naval Battle in Archeage

John Ryan June 10th, 2015 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

Naval battle with high degree of freedom is one of the ultimate contents of Archeage, and is also one of the most interesting systems during the test of Korean CBT3. As far as we know, the game is divided into three continents, the sea route is an important channel for player to sail for Auroria, and transport strategic materials to build castles. Players can freely build ships, also invite friends to sail together, and drive ships to fight with other players in the game. At last, players can become pirates who intercept the passing ships at sea and charge tolls. Instant combat system, powerful pomp of naval battle and the glory after obtaining the trophies, all really motivate the warlike blood of players. Here Mmogah introduces all players about the naval battle systems of Archeage in detail.

naval battle

  • Building ships

Players need to build ships at the pier first, fighting ships is the main hull of naval battle, so the equipment of fighting ships is very important. Here players will find the importance of Archeage gold, they need Archeage gold (Mmogah will be glad to provide fast, cheap and safe Archeage gold for all players) to buy tactical materials to build ships, and buy the strongest weapons to fight other players efficiently and effectively. Then, players can make friends with other players, sailing together.


  • Sailing out

When Players sail out, helmsmen decide ships’ heading directions with god’s view, and sailors adjust the speed of ships by controlling the sails. Helmsmen and sailors work together to determine the direction of ships, also determine the ships’ flexibility and ships’ ability to escape. Each ship respectively has 4 cannons in the left and right sides, each cannon needs controlling by a player, including reloading, cannon tracks, so there are generally about 11-12 players on a prepared ship. There will be more sea monsters with super damage in the late game and all heroes cluster, at that time naval battles are imminent!


  • Naval battle area

Naval combat area is everywhere except eastern and western continents protected. There are no restrictions on the high seas, players can launch an attack at any time as long as the ships are not from the same continents. Within the protected area, in order to protect the lower player’s daily activities, the attack near the port is forbidden.


  • Naval battle preparation

Naval battle does not involve one player, needing for collaboration and coordination, such as Black Pearl, it needs the helmsmen to control the direction of sailing, and the gunners to operate naval guns to attack other ships. A great navy victory is definitely not individual behavior, so battle preparation is essential, such as shells of naval battle are essential, due to the version’s update, gliders’ landing on other ships is more difficult, so shells are necessary option of routing the enemy ships. Shells need stone table and are produced by masonry skills.

shells battle


  • Naval battle methods

In General, naval battle is shell battle and players attack opponents with shells, if ships are close enough, character skills can cause certain damage to the ships and personnel. Gliders are used to land on other ships on the high seas, which is a way for annihilating other ships’ personnel, but it is very difficult because of sea wind and ships, players had better not use this method.


  • Naval victory conditions

Naval victory conditions are to use ships’ shells to crush other ships to make their lives zero. Battle capability lost and ships damaged can’t be used in fight again.


  • Naval battle trophies

After naval battle, there are pieces of wood on the sea, pickup will get ships’ strengthen props. Both sides (victory or failure) can pick up wood.


Above all, Mmogah hopes that our introduction of naval combat can help all players with naval battle in Archeage. If players want to know something else about Archeage, please keep your eyes to Archeage news.


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